Self Led Science Experiment


As soon as R got up this morning she proclaimed that she wanted to do a science experiment. (I took pictures but something is wrong with my phone! 😦  )

“Ummi, I want to test whether things sink or float differently in hot and cold water”, she said.

My day was not planned out for this. And to be honest, I didn’t really want to start with a water activity first thing in the morning. I was very tempted to say ‘We’ll do it later’ but then thought: No! I need to grab this moment as it was initiated by her.

So, straight after breakfast, I cleaned the dishes and filled up the kitchen sink with cold water. R raced around the house finding things she wanted to test out. I drew a table chart to record the findings and then R, Z (I included him in this too) and baby Y all headed for the kitchen.

R and Z took turns throwing in the items and R recorded the findings. Z was clearly learning something mashaAllah as when an object floated he said ‘flat’ and then when an item sunk, he just screamed with laughter!!

Now, of course I knew that there would be no difference in the floating and sinking in hot or cold water. But it was her hypothesis and so I kept my mouth shut and filled up the sink with hot water. They took turns again and she soon realised that there was no difference.

We then discussed why there was no difference in her findings, tidied up and she began some math.

I’m just thinking, if I had delayed this activity to the afternoon, I probably would have got busy with something else or she would have lost interest. Its about grabbing these moments and stopping all else – thats what Home ed is all about.


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  1. mashaAllah, i always love reading ur posts…they never fail to inspire n make me think deeper than the surface! JazakAllaah to you

  2. Just wanted to say well done to you mashAllah! It’s so easy to say ‘Yes later inshAllah’, and then never get around to it. Ask me how I know…….!

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