Product Review: Remind Me


When R was Z’s age, I searched the internet for duas to put around the house. Anyone who has been following the blog since 2007 will know that I found some, laminated them and stuck them around the house.

Now that Z will be 3 years old next month inshaAllah, I was looking for something more appealing and subhanAllah I have the privilege of reviewing one of Learning Roots products.

Remind Me is a pack of beautiful cards which include certain situational duas to be said around the home. They are so beautifully designed mashaAllah and very child friendly.

What I like about these is that they are so eye catching that I think even us – the adults will remember to say our duaa if we forget.

I really believe that children need to feel that something is appealing and fun in order to really stick with it. I saw this with R. She loved stopping by the toilet door and saying her dua and this was when the dua was simply the arabic and english on white card. But with these colourful cards, I can see that Z really finds it very interesting and I hope that he will continue to show an interest in saying his duaa.

If you haven’t bought these already, I would really suggest popping over to and purchasing some. It is a great buy because all the family will benefit and future children can also use them. Had these been around when R was younger, I would have definitely used them. Alhamdulillah, Z and baby Y can benefit from them and R can also do so when she forgets.

Definitely good value for money and in my opinion, a great gift for others even if you have them yourself.


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  1. As salaamu alaykum ya ukhtee.

    Please, do u know if any of the Learning Roots products are sold in the USA?

    Shukraan katheerah.


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