At home (Longish post!)


This week we’ve all been at home. Aside from myself nipping down to the shops when hubby was at home, I stayed at home. It was actually nice to be at home all week – here’s what myself and the kids have been up to:


These are the old school trays. Alhamdulillah, a good find. Perfect for montessori inshaAllah.

I’ve spent this week preparing to start with Z’s home ed. He’ll be three next month inshaAllah and so ‘MONTESSORI LEARNING – HERE WE COME!’ I’ve spent my time searching montessori websites and blogs for ideas. Went down to the pound shop to buy certain items needed for montessori and alhamdulillah have got my trays ready. I’ll be using our famous ‘cupboard’ (for those who have been to my house) as his space and the trays will be placed on the shelving in that cupboard. He can choose as many trays that he wishes whilst I home ed R and outside of those times he won’t be allowed to work on his trays. I really think this style of learning is going to suit Z inshaAllah. I’m actually really excited!

Z has enjoyed a few random activities this week – nothing planned:

Beading onto pipe cleaners:

The pipe cleaner and small beads are ideal for little fingers!

Baking – this time R didn’t join in. It was just me and Z whilst R watched baby Y in the other room. He absolutely loved it! I think I need to schedule in more exclusive baking time for Z and me.

Lol! He wasn't as messy as R normall is when she bakes!

His favourite part - sticking the edible stickers on to the cupcakes!


What R has been up to:

For those who know a bit of arabic, click on the pic to make it larger - just wanna show you how child friendly this book is.

R has decided herself that she wants to focus on her Arabic reading and so mashaAllah she decided to read a little of this everyday to herself. It is the stories of the prophets in Arabic and the level in this book is perfect for her right now. It is engaging, repetitive and the level of Arabic is not too difficult. In fact, she was reading aloud whilst I was having a lie down and she was testing me by asking me to translate what she had just read. I was definitely learning. I asked her father to listen to her when he came home and he also tested her and she is understanding what she is reading mashaAllah. This has been my dream, for my kids to be able to read, write and speak Arabic. Although R can speak Arabic mashaAllah, her reading and writing was definitely not up to scratch. But alhamdulillah, it is now picking up.

R also finished her story, Bella:

The notebooking pages at the bottom were just perfect for her book and we used the same page for each writing part for each story. Got these from

She enjoyed marbling which I’ve been wanting to do with her for ages. I remember really enjoying this as a child and found a really cheap set of marbling inks on ebay:

After adding different colours and blowing them around in the water, she laid the paper on the water, and then lifted it up and here you have a variety of marbled pieces of paper!

She started her own project, making a doll’s house. This is a shoe box. The lid was cut into two which made the two different levels. She then cut the corner off of another shoe box and made the roof. And painted the whole thing. She has little medicine boxes to make the cooker, fridge, bed etc:

Probably a house from the 70s with the colours she chose for the walls and carpet!

At our home ed group a few weeks ago, my dear wonderful sister Oum L brought in some sunflower seeds and pots with a little sign. R planted the seed and she has been looking after it really well. Can’t tell you how excited she was when she saw the shoot! And so she is following her father’s guidelines of watering it every other day and now there is a shoot, every 3 days. (I don’t have a green finger in my body so glad he’s advising her lol). She then said that she wanted to learn about Sunflowers. And I remembered a fantastic project I had picked up from somewhere, dug it out and alhamdulillah thats sorted.

It was only yesterday that I thought about doing another clear out in terms of our books and educational resources but then subhanaAllah I’m glad I didn’t because something like this sunflower project book has come in handy!

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  1. Salaams Ukhti, How are you?
    Ive forgotten how you do marbling – what type of paints do you need?
    And pipe cleaners for beading – Ive been racking my brains for something that I could hold down and stand upright…maybe that would work.

  2. Assalam u alaikum

    Nice post as always 🙂

    From where I can this “Qasas ul anbiya” book here in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia? Any idea?
    M waiting for whole series of Montessori activities of Z on ur blog. What’s the best suitable age of starting them? My dd is 2.5 , n mashAllah I think she is very activevn intelligent beyond my expectations. I think this is because of feeding naturally for 2 years. Don’t u think so? Have u observed the aspect of intelligence n higher learning abilities in ur kids?

    JazakAllah khair
    Umm subhanA

    • Walaikum assalam

      No idea sis. But I’m sure in Jeddah its everywhere! Try Darus Salaam’s bookshop. With Montessori, I think you can start from around age 2. As for the breastfeeding, I don’t know if it is linked. R didn’t want my milk anymore when she was 10 months old. Whilst Z breastfed for longer and I see a difference in them in that I think R is quite bright for her age mashaAllah, whilst Z is the normal average. Allahu Alam.

  3. Assalam O Alikum; Sister i always love your posts 🙂 Masha’Allah very informative may Allah swt help you and your family Ameen… its my dream too that my child will read,speak and write Arabic may allah make it easy for all of us Ameen.. me and my husband are both Urdu speaking any ideas how can we inculcate Arabic language in ours and our toddlers life???? one more thing can you please share these Montessori blogs and sites you mention in your post??? Jazak’Allah

    • Walaikum assalam

      Ameen to your duas sis. Maybe it would be good for you and your husband to learn some Arabic inshaAllah and then to teach that to your children in a fun and child-friendly way. I will inshaAllah share the links when I post about Montessori. x

  4. Well, I am definitely impressed with the progress the children are making and the ideas appear to be very exciting as I too love sunflowers. R is definitely taking a lot of interest into what she is making and Z too is doing very well. Will certainly keep watching.


  5. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Masha Allaah great work! Z is enjoying so is Ummi !! Very happy to note that you are starting another wonderful Home Ed journey with Z, masha Allaah! May Allaah guide you and give you and your kids the best in both worlds, Aameen. Enjoying reading your posts!

    • Walaikum assalam,

      Jzk! Yes, should be an interesting journey with Z. He is soooo different to his sister! We’ll see where it takes us! lol Ameen to your duas sis. x

  6. As salaam alaikum, We have also wanted to try marbling but thought that there was a special ingredient that had to be added. I don’t keep special ingredients around, lol. I try to live by the KISS motto.

  7. jazakillah for the great ideas (we got 10″ of snow and are going crazy at home!) Had never heard of marbling! inshaAllah my kids will enjoy it!
    Lots of duas for saving my sanity!

    We’ve recently published some books for 8-12 year olds. Children facing problems and solving them using the Qur’an and SUnnah! my 6 and 5 year olds have enjoyed the stories too! please do buy if interested! Email me at for details for buying in UK.

  8. Alhamdulillah, it’s good news isn’t it. I think there are 5 families here now. lol. Not quite on par with your locality but a good start ,))

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