5 months…


Got five months left til Ramadan! Oh my gosh! SubhanAllah!

There are certain textbooks, workbooks I want R to finish before Ramadan and so I’ve had to tweak our structure a but to try and make sure she finishes by then inshaAllah.

Normally in August I plan for next year’s home ed but looks like I’m going to have to start planning now as August I really want to focus on Ramadan. It will be the first Ramadan in a long time where I haven’t been pregnant, breastfeeding – that is of course if Allah has another plan! 😉

There will be a bit of a change to our week. Our lovely Thurs group have started up an extra day on a Tuesday – but this time it is more structured. Yesterday I attended a meeting and we discussed how we’re going to do this, how the children are going to be grouped, topics, payment etc. Alhamdulillah, I’m really excited and the first topic is starting next week: Rainforests. I’m even happier because Z’s age group will also be catered for inshaAllah. It means trekking down to East London twice a week – but I think its well worth it alhamdulillah. So that leaves 3 days to focus on the structured stuff for R. After the meeting we then attended a literature workshop by Eileen Brown, author of Handa’s Surprise.This took place in Discover in Stratford which Z had a wonderful time playing in. It was such a beautiful day mashaAllah – the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm. Being around the other sisters who we normally see on a Thursday just made it such a special day. R came back even more excited about writing stories. One of the sisters said she asked the author a question about how to write great stories. The author advised her to start where she is – to look around her. And so she already has a few ideas mashaAllah. I always wondered when she would get into the whole creative writing groove. Alhamdulillah.

There are a few more posts coming today. I have so much to post about but not enough time to get on the blog and post these days. So, i’ll  just post as much as I can on one day..


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