Geometry and Andrew Brodie


R is currently just past half way through her Year 1 of the Hungarian MEP Curriculum.

She has just started some work on shapes and geometry. So, to supplement what she is being taught in the MEP, I looked through some Math books I recently downloaded from the $1 sale and she tried out some tangrams today:


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum

    All of you have been very busy masha Allaah! Shapes activity looks very interesting masha Allaah. The book you have mentioned sis, what is the appropriate age group for it and is it freely available?

  2. asalaamu alaikum ukhti,

    great site mashAllah, really inspiring and helpful – just wanted to ask – with the MEP program you are following, have you purchased the text books / workbooks or have you just printed it all off online? – if you have the books, where did you get them from?
    jazakAllah khair.

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