Senses: Sight


I had a crazy busy weekend and so didn’t get a chance to plan our topic work for the week. We are taking a bit of a break from the Quran curriculum as R wants to do more science related topics.

I was able to plan her english, math, islamic studies etc. So Monday morning, I woke up and wondered what we could start – browsed through some science based books and looked at saved files on the computer and decided to go for Senses!

It was a good choice and straight after Quran and riyad us saliheen discussion which we’ve added to our morning routine, we started on this new topic.


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum dear sis!

    What a co incident! We are doing the sense – sight activities this week too masha Allaah! And Maimoonah had fun too! We too discussed all what you have said and subhanallaah what a great blessing that we have taken for granted! Insha Allaah will be posting our activities soon!

  2. As salaam alaikum, My little girls were conducting some sight experiments on their own when my four year old walking into a wall with her eyes closed. Big knot on her head!

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