Thinking of closing this blog..


I’m thinking of closing this blog or making it a private one. Life has changed a little for us and I am sooo busy – too busy to post as much as I used to. And I guess, I’m the type of person who has to do something properly otherwise I don’t do it at all.

Thats how I’m feeling about this blog at the moment. I’m not giving it my all. Its something I’m thinking about, not sure at the moment. SubhanAllah, I feel like I need more barakah in my time. Make dua please all!


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  1. Assalamu’alaykum,

    Dear Umm Raiyaan…
    I do can imagine how tremendously busy you are,, with 3 of amanahs (and a husband) I definitely sure that you must be a super duper mom (with tha help of Allah ‘azza wa jalla). and along this journey you’ve been my closest virtual shahabiyat that I always take the advantages from what you’ve posted. May Allah tabaaroka wata’alaa reward you with the green of jannah (Kindly say my name too when you ask for it..)which has rivers of milk and honey,, so please,, please,, keep blogging even just once a month,, I’ll be waiting…
    baraokallahu fiykum wa jazakumullah khayr..

    these are my fave du’a:

    Allahumma ashlihliy diyniy.. Alladziy huwa ‘ismatu ‘amry wa ashlihliy dunya ya, allatiy fiyha ma’asyiy, wa ashlihliy akhiyratiy allatiy fiyha ma’adiy..

    waj’alil hayaata ziyaadatalliy min kulli khayr…

    waj’alil mawta raahatanliy fiy kulli syarr..

    Cheer up,, uhibbuki fillah,,,,

  2. As salaamu ‘alaikum. May ALLAH make it easy for you, AMEEN. I am also trying to put more of myself into the blog. I’m taking on more as a student right now and it’s only getting tougher because I’m adding an Arabic class soon, InshaALLAH.

    Maybe keep it private rather than closing? That way we still have the archives as a resource and we can still keep up with you from time to time.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

  3. Assalam u alaikum

    Please ukhti , dont do that !
    Do u know that ur blog inspired people?
    And I was one of them .
    Doesn’t matter , life sometimes gets tough , but don’t stop Ur blog . Make it twice a month ( longish post ) a/c to u . Smile. If possible. U don’t know u r getting prayers from those sisters who may b silent readers of ur blog like I was . I have a tip for u . May be it helps. Whatever u r doing with ur kids , write it on a paper in points till u dont blog. Then whenever u think u get time in a month . Post all ur activities in one post . May Allah make it easy for u . Aameen. I m homeschooling my child because u motivated me n I stepped into HE world. May Allah reward u too.

    Umm subhana

  4. Salaams Sis,
    everyone has those times and days, we all understand, May Allah make it easy!! Subhana Allah been there done that!
    Pleaase don’t close it down, bit don’t make it a burden either, I second the sister above maybe cut down? Because you really are an inspiration and May Allah shower lots and lots of barakah to you and your families time, Ameen..x

  5. assalamu alaikum,
    no sis don’t close it.i love your blog,i love all the stuff that you do with your kids.even when you don’t post iam sure that many people come to your blog to get ideas,to read again what they have read before and really liked.even if you can’t post regurally just do it whenever you can,life is busy and we all have times that we are not able to do some stuff anymore.but your blog is one of the best masha’allah……so please sis DO NOT CLOSE IT!!

  6. Assalamulikum wr wb…

    No, please dont close your blog…it soo inspirational. I agree with sister Umm Subahana…that you have many silent readers and I am one of them too. MashaAllah your blog is one of the few Muslim HSing blogs that has helped give me a kick start with HS.

    I recently started HSing my children but I had no idea where to start but your blog has been very helpful! So plese dont close it… you can decrease the number of post inshaAllah.

    MAy Allah make it easy for you. Know, Verily hardship comes with ease.

    take care…hope to see you around!!

    WAsalam wr wb.

  7. Assalam u alaykum wrwb sister,

    Pray you and the family is well inshaAllah ta’ala. I’m a silent reader of yours and you cant imagine how many time you have lifted my spirits up jazakillahu khayran katheera. Please dont close this blog even if you can’t post, atleast we all can benefit from the loads of stuff you have alrealy posted. May Allah swt make everything easy for you and may He give barakah in your life, time, ‘ilm and ‘amal. aameeen


  8. Salaams Ukhti,
    Oh it would be a shame if you closed the blog, because not only for me but the sisters above (and many more Im sure), this blog has inspired us to just go for it and try our best. Not only are there activities, but all the important thought processes that we have – the ups and downs (not just the ups and not just the downs). It’s honest and down to earth style makes it SO easy to relate to and there are really useful links and such a variety of articles. I dont know how closing blogs works but, I think people would still benefit from the present info. So please make that accessible. I pray Allah gives you a way to balance things.We dont expect articles all the time (although they are really good reads), but if you can share a little of your findings now and again, maybe a once monthly collection like the sis suggested?

    Take Care, with Love. xx

    (hear from you next time you post? (grin))

  9. Asalaamu alaikum,

    Ukhti, please don’t close your blog! SubhanAllah it was reading your site which helped influence and inspire me towards homeschooling alhamdulillah! Like mentioned above, maybe just blog once or twice a month, or if that is not possible, then at least let the blog remain up so that perhaps others will continue to take benefit from what you have shared inshallah.
    JazakAllah khair for all your efforts and may Allah make your affairs easy.
    asalaamu alaikum x

  10. Asalam alaikum dear sis,

    I’ve been wondering what it is that have made you to think of closing this means of you doing dawah. You may not know but this blog has been very inspiring to me especially. I always look forward to read your mail and then it livens my spirit.
    I’m not a regular homeschooler but I pray to be one someday and when I think am getting closer to be one, you want to cut off. Please for Allaah(SWT)’s sake have a rethink.
    Whatever it is you amy be going through, is very minute befor Allaah(SWT). Insha Allaah(SWT) things will definately get better.
    I feel like I know you personally, you motivate me and I even recommend your blog to other sisters. One of them now homeschools her three kids.
    Dear sis, Allaah(SWT) will strenghthen you, amin, because I know it is not easy. I always wonder how you juggle things, children, homeschool and then create time to blog! Allaahu Musta’an

  11. Assalaamu Alaikum dear sis

    Please do not close the blog. Even if you take time its always a pleasure read your posts. You have done so much for me sis and inspired me before even my daughter was 6 months old. Please try to continue. If you close the blog its like I have lost a family member subhanallaah! Please continue to share your journey. You are in my duas.

  12. Agree with all above. Please don’t close the blog. Doesn’t matter if the frequency of posts decreases, but atleast we’ll have them ! May Allah make it easy for you.

  13. Subhanallah sis i havent checked all your links still!!! mashallah there is so much that you have on your site that would be a great help and benefit for all the ummah. i know its selfish but please keep these resources available. you r truely an inspiration!!

    tc sharifa

  14. Assalam o Alikum Sister…….. Please Don’t Close the blog 😦 i agree with all the sisters..May be i’ve left a msg before You are a source of inspiration and when i decided to HS my kid you were my support (After Allah Swt) you don’t know how much your blog meant to us its not just about links and activities its about your thoughts and the way you share your experience with us so please don’t close it… i pray to allah swt that he make thing easier for you and may you have barakah in your time insha’Allah Ameeen i know it’ll be very difficult for you but you are doing a great job you are educating Muslim Moms 🙂 make it once a mnth or once in 2 mnths 🙂 waiting for your next post insha’Allah

  15. As Salaamu Alaikum

    Umm Raiyaan no pressure! but I agree with every single comment!!

    We all love you, your blog is the best, pls carry on, you touch all our lives, and give us encouragement. May Allah shower you and your family with His blessings Ameen. pls pls don’t give up on this blog!

  16. As salaamu alaykum ya ukhtee.

    I know you are overwhelmed with so many responsibilities as a homeschooling mum and a full-time home maker. I feel the same too. Motherhood is priceless. A homeschooling mom is priceless multiplied by 10, for real!

    I have really benefited from you blog and I’m still benefiting, alhamdulilaah.

    I am one of those who loves to read your blog as if sipping some hot tea after a bizee day. It does calm down my stretched nerves.

    You can limit your posts to weekly or bi-weekly posts. But pleeeeeeeeeease, don’t close your blog entirely.

    May Allaah bless your efforts, Allaahuma aameen.

  17. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
    Barakallahu feeki for all that you have blogged in the past. May Allaah azza wa jal put barakah in your time and guide you to do the deeds that will weigh heavy on your scale on yawm ul Qiyaaamah. AAmeen thumma aameen.
    You blog has been of great benefit to me to HS my daughter and I pray to Allaah that it will continue to be so in the future. Aameen.
    May Allaah azza wa jal preserve and increase you and your family members in Imaan, Birr and Taqwa and guide you all to do the deeds, actions and words of the people of Jennaah. Aameen.
    JazakiAllaah khair.

  18. Assalamualaikum.
    Ukhti, with great surprise I read that u want to close your blog, plz dont because you are a great inspiration to me. It is through your blog that I am hoping to homeschool my son. May Allah take you from strength to strength and keep your blog rolling because it is greatly inspiring and motivational. We have not met but when you blog about your happy and sad moments we also feel it. JazakALLAH for a job well done

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