Thats how I feel – honestly I do. I knew that this blog is read mashaAllah by quite a few sisters. But I honestly thought recently due to the low number of comments that readers were not really benefitting and that I too wasn’t really ‘feeling it’! But subhanAllah, your responses in comments to my last post and private emails (sorry I can’t reply to all those who emailed me privately) have really made me decide to STAY!

We need all the reward we can get and I guess the fact that inshaAllah this blog benefits many is a way of me getting a bit of reward (as long as I work on my intention).

So, I’ll post as much as I am able to inshaAllah.

Here’s a bit of a catch up on some stuff recently.

A new home ed group has started in South London. It takes place every two weeks. We missed the first session but alhamdulillah made the second session and the sister planned a lovely session on mosaics. 

We have also attended two sessions at the new Tuesday structured group. The topic is rainforests. The first week, they discussed where rainforests are located in the world and that they are located near the equator. The did some map work in their groups. R then made a suitcase mini book of things she would take to the rainforest. Her homework was to make a poster about her favourite rainforest animal – she made a lovely poster about a jaguar mashaAllah. Today’s session opened with the children discussing their posters. They also talked about the different levels of the rainforest. The children were then split into their different groups and R’s group focussed on the Toucan – its size, where it lives. They also worked on the different levels of the rainforest. This has been interesting – its been interesting to see how the children work with other sisters and not their mothers. A lot of the mothers have been pleasantly surprised mashaAllah!


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  1. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, this is all real out of the house learning, just as you hoped for the world is your classroom. Alhamdulillah! So happy at the strength of home ed!!!

  2. Wa alaikum as salaam,

    So happy to hear that we will be able to continue following your journey.

    For me ,you fellow bloggers are my homeschooling lifeline, maashaa Allah.

  3. Aoa; Yaeeeyyy Masha’Allah 🙂 so happy about your decision Subhan’Allah Sis may Allah swt give to strength and courage Ameen

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Im happy you decided to continue, alhamdulillah. I just started following your blog sister so I got so surprised when I saw the last post. May Allah give you strengt and reward you for your efforts.

  5. Salaam – am probably one of your MANY silent readers – just wanted to say how glad I am that you are staying! 🙂

  6. assalamu alaikum,
    iam so happy about your decision sis,althought iam not homeshooling i am a regular reader masha’allah.may allah give you the strenght to continue what you doing.

  7. As salam alaikum Am sooooo relieved you’re not abandoning the blog Alhamdulillah I will try and comment as much as possible. I pray Allah blesses your time Ameen. Where I live there are only 4 of us sisters homeschooling and we rarely get together these days due to lifestyle changes and demands,so your blog makes the world of difference to me I really appreciate the effort you make, without your blog I would never of heard about such wonderful things like Al Huriyah and more Masha Allah so a BIG Jazak Allah Khairan sister!

  8. Assalamualaikum.

    Forgive me, I’m more like a fly on the wall when it comes to blogs,I feel truly selfish for taking and not commenting,but rest assured there are probably tons of sisters like me who visit your blog, even if they don’t leave comments.
    I’,m not a blogger,but I can appreciate the time and effort it must take!

    Perhaps, if you’re feeling overwhelmed you can keep aside a certain time when you do blogging and share, for example, 5 posts at once-just so you know how much I enjoy reading your blog:) ie every two weeks,whatever suits your schedule. Allahu Alim.

    May Allah make this passing on of good knowledge a source of sadaka jariya. Amin!
    I’ll try to leave more comments-pls don’t stop! wassalam.

  9. Assalamu Alaikum

    oh my! just read your post on closing this blog. Alhumdulillah, you have changed your mind. i may not be HEing at the moment, but i still love reading about what you’ve been upto.stops me from completely giving up on the idea of HEing my baby girl.
    love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Simply thank you, from a beginers home educater looking for beautiful ideas
    loved the bee is it possable to pdf pages? if so where

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