Z and Montessori


Z will be 3 in about 3 days inshaAllah. I used to do quite a lot of work with R when she was that age but subhanAllah, he is such a different character and learner!

I set up Z’s Montessori space a couple of weeks ago and he can only go and use the activities when R is doing her formal work. The way it works, is that when R is doing her work, Z can choose any tray of activity he wants from the shelves. One rule of montessori is that they choose it themselves and then they have to tidy it away and put it back themself before they take the next one.

Here are some montessori activities that he has been doing: 

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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    Jzk Allah khairan for sharing. I esp like the transfer activities. What type of tweezers do you use? On many american blogs I saw that they use large plastic ones, but I have never seen them here. I think I’ll have a try with my dd3 inshaAllah.

  2. Assalam u alaikum sis , great work! MashAllah
    Is there any age bound to start the Montessori activity or when u think the child is ready , my daughter is 2.5.

    Secondly , when do u get time to blog? While u r blogging , what u let the kids to do ?

    Umm subhana

  3. Aoa; how are you sis? Masha’Allah very nice work…. it’ll be nice if you could explain what exactly Z is doing (I’m trying to learn Montessori method :)) secondly please do share some online resources and sites for Montessori Approach my son will be 2 MA in July insha’Allah so just want to set things up 🙂

  4. Salaam,
    So, do you find he carries out the activity properly? When I tried this type of thing with my children I found that they wanted to take the easier option. For example, instead of using a peg to pick up the marbles they would just do it with their hands. This was the challenge of montessori, I found, getting the child to carry out the activity in the prescribed manner. Maybe I was doing something wrong.

  5. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarkatu Sister, Jazak Allahu Khaira for posting the details of the activities – InshaAllah we are working on putting together some activities for my 2&1/2 year old.
    I love reading your blogs and appreciate your commitment to sharing your knowledge and experience. Jazak Allahu Khaira
    Take care
    Sydney Australia

  6. Salaam sis MashAllah Z looks like he is concentrating hard on those tasks!! I love it! it looks like really simple stuff to put together, and something my kids would love esp pouring lentils!
    May Allah reward all your hard work sis.

  7. Masha Allah I love Montessori! Looks like you have your Home Ed sussed. I had a lovely Montessori book for my 2 when they were younger it’s called Montessori Play and Learn age 2-6 by Lesley Britton, you’ve probably already heard of it. It has some lovely ideas for children. I have purchased the book you recommended on your blog a while back called The Bright Stuff can’t wait to get stuck into this. Jazak Allah Khair!

  8. Asalamu Aleikum,

    mashAllah you are doing one great job with your little boy. And I can now see you are writing more and more about him and including him in loads of activities. I absolutely love Montessori as well. InshAllah I am doing small bits and pieces with my daughter who is 20 months , but nothing serious. She absolutely loves beading. If you are interested check this website, which may give you even more Montessori ideas. InshAllah hope u find it benefical http://lapbooksbycarisa.homestead.com/TotTrays.html



  9. Salam sis, where do you get your montessori ideas from, online or a book? Please share with us jzk. Need to start this with ubi IA ws

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