Product Review: Two beautiful Preschool Islamic books..


There are so many Islamic books for kids out there now. Some are good and some are not so good. But these two lovely books are just so beautiful mashaAllah.

They are both hardback and so perfect for Z’s age (3-5) to read.


The first book, Allah is Al Khaliq by Saba Ghazi Ameen is A book about colour. She links the teaching of colour to Allah’s name Al Khaliq (The Creator). The pages are tabbed and each page is a different colour. It really is just so cute and I love the original drawings in there.

The second book, Allah is Ar-Rahman (The Compassionate) explores the theme of shapes. Again, top quality mashaAllah. This is also a lift the flap book. I know I keep saying it but really, these books are top quality and just so cute.

Am amazed at how this author has brought in colour and shape and linked it to the names and attributes of Allah. Perfect for little ones and shows that Islamic teaching can really be brought into any subject.

Please do visit where these books can be bought and remember that they have a special 25% discount for us home edders! Enjoy! Leave a comment if you end up buying them and what you thought of them.

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  1. Assalam u alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dearest sister in Islam,

    I pray you are well and doing fine inshaAllah. I just can’t express how much of inspiration you have been to me, a torchbearer. mashaAllah you have 3 young kids, homeschooling them in such a great way plus studying yourself, along with all the marriage and household duties.. subhanAllah. Sisters like are you a wonderful motivation and inspiration for us, younger than you. You make me believe with your actions that I can do it too. I started reading your blog before I got married but I was sure than I’m gonna HE my kids inshaAllah ta’ala whenever I got them. Even though its still a strange concept here in Pakistan and we don’t have enough resources like libraries, museums parks and some extra classes like artc etc to take the kids to but still I’m willing to go on this journey inshaAllah and likewise I so want to continue my studies. Though all of this seems difficult to me but as I said you have created a practical example.. it just amazes me how effectively you must manage your time subhanALlah. may Allah swt put more and more barakah in it and may your kids be a coolness to your eyes and an asset for this Ummah. aameen.

    I read your post where you said you are going to close this blog and I commented on it and I read the second post aswell when you said that none of us were commenting so at times one feel like stop doing. But here in Pk, we usually have a slow connection of internet,, and so I like open so many articles I have to read, save them and read them with time.

    I’m married for 10months now, have no kids as of yet, but the books you mentioned seems great! As we are not able to get such books here in Pk and international shipping cost too much. But I have a friend coming in July inshaAllah so I can ask her to bring them for me. Can you give me the link to the above books please? and anyother book you’d like to recommend? for me and for generally on parenting and the related topics? I couldn’t found the above books on Al Farooq.

    Sorry for such a long rant.

    Please keep me in your prayers,

    Uhibbuki fillah

    fi amanillah wassalam

  2. oops I forgot to click on ‘notify me of follow up comments’ so just gonna make another one. you can delete this one sister.

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