The Agouti


A very quick post. We’ve just come back from a trip for home edders at The Maritime Museum. My last experience there wasn’t a positive one but the workshop that was organised by one of our dear home ed mums went down really well with the children mashaAllah. It was an hour long and the instructor really was very engaging!

 At our home ed group on Tuesdays, the last 3 weeks has been spent learning about Rainforests.

So far, we’ve covered the equator, different types of rainforests, visiting a rainforest, the toucan – facts about the toucan and its habitat. At home, R made the food chain of a jaguar.

We missed this Tuesday’s session but caught up with the work and learnt about the Agouti rat and how it helps the Brazil nut tree. The Agouti is the only animal with teeth strong enough to crack open the shell of a brazil nute. Really is amazing when you think about it! From this sprang the topic of ecosystems. We learnt what an ecosystem is and watched a video about the brazil nut tree and fair trade. R also made a mini book on the journey of a brazil nut from the rainforest to our plate.

We also looked at the types of products that wouldn’t be able to exist were it not for the rainforest: medicine, chewing gum, chocolate (how I now love the rainforest!)

It really was an interesting topic. It is during these times when I say Alhamdulillah for the internet. Google image searches on the agouti and brazil nut tree were invaluable mashaAllah.

Doing this work yesterday, really made me realise how much I love teaching R about different topics. Hoping to do more of that for the rest of this year inshaAllah.


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    Masha Allaah I am beginning to love rainforests too after reading your post. Masha Allaah so many things to learn and appreciate the creations of Allaah subhanallaah! Jazzakillaah Khayr for sharing sis!

  2. Masha Allah! Wow! the kids are learning so much. Studies like this brings a muslim closer to Allaah(SWT), because it makes you think deep and contemplate on His(SWT) creation. Jazakallhu khairan for sharing, please keep us posted.

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