New Forest


What a busy bank holiday weekend we’ve had! I just feel like we haven’t been home! I’m so tired but yesterday was really nice as we headed out of London and visited the beautiful New Forest near Southampton. We’ve never been to the New Forest and I can recommend to anyone to plan a family day’s out there! It is just so picturesque mashaAllah and really good for the heart. The heart definitely needs to see greenery every so often so as to reconnect with Allah (Swt).

One of my dear beloved friends and sister in Islam grew up near the New Forest and so she was very kind enough to give us a little itinerary for the day. We started off at the New Forest, drove through and enjoyed watching the many ponies that roam wild there mashaAllah. We then parked up and walked and walked and walked surrounded by the beauty of Allah’s creation. R (being a fanatic of horses at the moment) couldn’t believe it when we came across wild ponies that she could stand so close to and touch. It was amazing seeing her simply be with these creatures. She just stood there, admired and enjoyed being with her favourite animal. We then drove up 30 mins to Hengistbury Head which is just too beautiful to describe (I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures of the Head (its a cliff) and the sea. We took a ‘noddy’ train through a nature reserve to reach the other side of the bridge and then walked back through the nature trail for 1.5 miles having missed the train. It was beautiful. Here are some pictures (would definitely recommend that you go there!):

Just to add, whenever we go somewhere (particularly to places which are not very multicultural and in the summer lol) we are conscious of how the locals might take to us. My husband with his big beard and me all in black does tend to attract ‘attention’, but I must say mashaAllah the locals were soooo friendly! They were talking to us, answered our questions and were just really nice people!


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  1. As salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah Umm Raiyaan,

    After I read this post, I realized that this is what I have been missing out on recently. Between the combination of the new baby and illnesses in our house we haven’t been able to go exploring lately. Alhamdulillah, this is the season for you and your family to enjoy it and breath deeply.

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