Boyfriend and Girlfriend…


I posted about this on the IHSAN forum recently. Both R and myself have become sick of workbooks. She hates it. I hate them. And I feel as though I’m putting her through this horrible learning experience by making her do a page of this and a page of that. So, we completely laid off the workbooks today. After breakfast, her and her brother took their net, glass containers, and tweezers and went looking for minibeasts. They found quite a few!

In the garden searching for bugs...

A nice juicy worm. She then released all the minibeasts back into the garden.


Ladybird and I think it was an ant or a slug (I know she caught all 3 but can't remember what came with the ladybird!)


On the hunt...

I still made her a list of what I wanted her to complete for today. But instead, I based it on what she is good at and enjoys. So, for example, she loves writing and began a piece about Spring. It was a beautiful piece of writing mashaAllah and I was surprised as she descriptively wrote that the ‘flowers burst open’, mashaAllah. She continued with that today which she really enjoyed. So, instead of the whole workbook thing – she did handwriting, grammar, and creative writing and spelling (she asked me how to spell a few words) all in one sitting without boring workbooks. She was happy and I felt like a proper home edder. Alhamdulillah

Also, she’s currently reading this book:

As most of you know by now, R is horse mad at the moment. She adores these mammals and so I need to bring everything and anything related to horses in order for her to learn. She was reading a chapter to me in the kitchen today as I cooked dinner and she came to a section where they mentioned someone’s ‘girlfriend’. It was a very innocent sentence – if I remember, it was the horse keeper’s girlfriend or something (the word was used to inform the reader of who she was – there wasn’t anything in there about their relationship) but R knows that something is wrong with that word! lol

So, she paused and looked at me and said “Ummi, I think I’ll just say friend”. I was about to leave it but then I thought, let me check what she understands about the word ‘girlfriend’. So I asked her and she replied “Well..” (she became very shy) “its when a man and woman are not married and there is an attraction”. I almost burnt myself as she said “attraction” as I thought thats a tad bit deep for a 6.5 year old. In my mind, I was thinking, should I leave it or dig deeper? I decided for the latter.

Me: “Where did you hear that word from?”

R:  “Well, Yusuf (Alayhis salam) used it and said that its haram.”

Me: “You mean the prophet (saw)”.

R: “No, I mean Yusuf (AS)”.

Me: “What do you mean?”

R: “When the Queen of Egypt was attracted to Yusuf (AS), he refused her and told her that Allah and paraside are more beloved to me than your attraction”.

Me: “Oh, I see. And erm, who told you this”.

R: “Abi”.

Me (thinking to myself, wait til he gets home!)

Lol, on a serious note though. It was interesting to see that she had kept this information and linked it to what she was reading in a story about horses. I think it was actually good to talk about it and find out what she understood about this haram relationship. I then ended it by talking about the importance of obeying Allah. Again, for me, a natural lesson of narration and Islamic studies. I carried on stirring the mince meat mixture for my lasagne with a smile on my face, happy to be home edding alhamdulillah.

And I’ve got to end with something funny my husband told me. On Monday, he took R and Z to the Natural History Museum after I worked hard to convince him to do so so I could clean! Z was screaming as he saw the gigantic T-Rex robot that moves and roars! Everyone was falling down laughing. My poor Zuzu! They some how then ended up in the Human Body section (don’t ask me how!) and there were two big pictures of a man and woman’s internal body. My husband said that R just stood there STARING! (hands on hips) My husband tried to pull her away saying ‘R, come on lets go lets go’. ‘But why Abi?’ she complained. ‘Lets just go’. She then said ‘But Abi, you told me we need to learn about everything.’ As he dragged her away completely embarassed, he said, ‘Yes but not right now.’  I can almost imagine how red his face must have been! lol

Anyway, I am so throwing myself into other ways of home educating. I honestly enjoy it a lot more like this and she does too alhamdulillah. I need to put a huge banner in my house saying “Home Ed is NOT school at home!”


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  1. Assalam u alaikum warhamatullahi wabarakatuh sister ,


    Interesting post

    But generally , I think we should not avoid these situations , we must tell our children the tits and bits at a very slow pace about the realities . Otherwise they become more curious if we try to hide something from them. Well it’s gud tht u asked her deeply. MashAllah. She is so innocent , she told of what she has read or learnt at home. Not from outside as in schools it happens that a child is not top controlled by a teacher . She is just a teacher till school not outside the school and the poor child finds his or her answers from the surroundings ( it may get them on the wrong track) one the way home. This is another homeschooling benefit that mothers among parents specially know every unusual move and act of her child. SubhaAllah. Thanking Allah , that we are homeschooling!

    Wassalam ,
    Umm subhana

  2. As salam alaikum

    I really liked this post Masha Allah. Most days I doubt myself in terms of how I am home educating and how my children are learning so it was nice to see your reminder that home education is NOT school at home…I will adopt this as my mantra and chant it daily when I’m having a… ‘let’s do workbooks’…. day!

    Jazak Allahu Khair

  3. Aa wr wb Umm Rayan, I just popped in to see how is your homeschoooling going and hoping to benefit from your ‘more structured’ way and what a surprise to read this post mashAllah! t won’t really encourage me to do more written stuffs… Also I am going to use R’s explaination to explain the girlfriend/boyfriend story… Hannah xx

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