A surprise for R


As a child grows, memories are formed. Looking back as a child, I remember things in my young life which the adults around me have forgotten. I remember places I went to, things that were said – the good and bad, and gifts that I received. All of these memories shape a child’s adult life. This morning, R woke up and the postman delivered an amazon.co.uk parcel. I hadn’t ordered anything for R and it was addressed with R’s name.  Normally when I order something, it comes in my name.

With excitement, we opened the package and inside was this beautiful book:

You should have seen R’s face! Not only was it something that she loves but its her favourite horse, an Arabian horse, with an Arabic name: Yatimah (meaning orphan) and the narrative is from the perspective of the horse! She was over the moon! And on the amazon slip, we noticed the name of the kind and generous wonderful home edding aunty who lives in another part of the world who kindly send this to R. Sis, you know who you are. You surprised us both mashaAllah. May Allah reward you greatly.You made a little girl so very happy and I ask Allah to reward you abundantly. As the prophet (saw) said, “The most beloved deed to Allah is to make another Muslim happy”.

From R: BarakhaAllahu feeki aunty, I can’t wait to read it! Its going to be my favourite book.


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