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So, you all know that recently I’ve had this battle with workbooks. Well, aside from her Math workbook we haven’t done any since then! Oh what a relief…on both sides alhamdulillah! I realised what the problem was. I was making her do Year 1 workbooks which were not challenging enough for her and so she spent forever doing them because she wasn’t interested! Now, I’m kicking myself saying “You’re a home edder! Why make the poor girl do Year 1 workbooks when they are too easy and boring for her. Just move her on! Duh!”

Not only that, but I got rid of the timetable too! Never thought I would but its the best thing ever. I generally have an idea of what I’d like her to cover in a day but am very flexible with that now based on what was done the previous day, questions she asks and discussions we have. It feels absolutely WONDERFUL! MashaAllah. These last few days have been good home ed days (in my opinion of course). Nothing extraordinary has taken place, but there just seems to be this natural flow and definite move away from School at home. We are home educators and home ed should be different.

Let me run you through the last few days. Yesterday, R started off with Quran – her current hifdh and murajaah. She then read a chapter of her new book (jzk sis, she’s really enjoying it mashaAllah). After that she did some math. Then ran around and played with her brothers. After lunch, I took her to a local pottery class for home educated kids (its always nice to meet non muslim home educators too!) She used to attend this class a few years ago. This was a surprise for her as she’s really been trying very hard to work towards completing her hifdh of juz tabarrak. She was over the moon and very happy to start attending these classes for the next 10 weeks. Whilst she was pottering away, I took the boys to a nearby park and played with them. We returned home, she played, finished off some math and then watched a documentary. It was then time for her kickboxing class. I picked her up, she had dinner and then looked through some books to make some designs for her next pottery class.

Today, she began her day with Quran. I played with the boys. When she finished, she joined us and R and Z made these.

Mess before 9.30am but everyone happy alhamdulillah!Z's.R's.






And baby Y trying to cut felt with toddler scissors.

A few times now, we have spent the mornings with both of them doing arts and crafts. I notice a huge difference in Z. After all home ed is not just about the eldest child! Last week they made these:


Z's lion mask.


Z in his mask.R in hers.


R in hers.

 I’ve noticed this works really well. I ensure that she starts with Quran first and then both of them are really happy as we (I join in too) are engaged in a fun activity. I am keeping this up as I noticed Z was more disruptive when R did her work in the morning which drove me nuts. You see, its all about changing things around to fit ‘everyone’ in the family. After this, they went to play. Had lunch. The plan was for her to do a bit of English, Arabic and Math. But I had a sudden urge to do some gardening! I hate gardening and am really bad at it. But I surprised myself today. Whilst the boys napped, R and I tackled the garden for about 2 hours. It was a joint effort and mashaAllah by the end of it, we were so happy with the result. All the grass had been cut, the weeds pulled out, the paved area had been swept and it just looks splendid mashaAllah. R discovered many minibeasts and we chatted about many things as we worked away. I felt as though I had a proper workout! It was such a nice afternoon doing something as mother and daughter alone. We don’t do this often! After it was all done she took her book and read another chapter in the garden. We came inside, she checked her email and then played a computer game. Then spent the rest of her time playing.

Okay, so she didn’t get to do the English, Math and Arabic that I had mentally planned for her. But there is always another day and priceless quality time together and doing something at the spur of the moment such as gardening is also an educational experience.

Home Education is not School at home!


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  1. assalamu alaikum,
    masha’allah sis,it’s always good to do art and craft with kids as most of them love it.i really like your last comment that home education is not school at home,i can feel from what i read that you really enjoy doing it.keep the work up and may allah help you ameen.

  2. Wow! Ur an inspiration! I have two little ones and although I don’t home edd, i follow your blog regularly and I’m amazed as to how you do it everyday! Alhmdullillah!

  3. Assalamo alaikum,

    I always knew there was an unschooler deep within you, now it’s trying to get out, lol! It’s always liberating to find something that you enjoy AND it works mashaAllah xxx

  4. As salam alaikum

    Every time I read your posts lately they make ME feel less guilty as I have just moved house and have done no workbook/academic stuff for ages and it’s not on the agenda for any time soon the rate I’m going so Jazak Allah Khair!

  5. Assalamu Alaikum sis,
    sounds and looks fabulous mashAllah. Believe me, you are probably still covering more than what school is inshaAllah. i really miss that quality time with the kids. everything just seems a big rush, may Allah guide all of us to make the right decision for our children.Ameen.

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