Msg from R: ‘Please sponsor me Aunties’


Asalamu alaykum Aunties

I am going to walk a 5 mile walk inshaAllah. It is a sponsored walk. It is to raise money for aunties who said their shahadah but they’re not happy anymore. They are very sad. They have a lot of problems. I want the hasanat. Please sponsor me. Please read the message after this and it will tell you how you can sponsor me. I want to win the prize for the child who had the most money.

BarakhaAllahu fiki,



I’m going on a Sponsored 5 Mile Walk which will raise money for SOLACE for revert sisters in difficulty. I’ve decided to walk the five mile walk because I really believe that we need to support revert sisters who are in difficulty.
So many revert sisters embrace Islam as positive individuals with so much enthusiasm for their new found way of life. However, unfortunately, these sisters go through so many tests from losing everything that was familiar to them including their family to feelings of pure loneliness and physical and emotional abuse at the hands of others. Not many people know how many of these sisters stop practising or leave Islam altogether. This is so sad.

SOLACE for revert sisters in difficulty is an organisation that caters for revert sisters in difficulty all over London and Hull. They are even branching out to the United States and Australia soon inshaAllah. So these funds are even more crucial as they will have more sisters to help. They even help born Muslim sisters too. We need to support them.
So, please please support this cause by sponsoring me. Please don’t read this email without following the link at the end where you can sponsor me via paypal. It doesn’t matter how much – every penny counts, but the more we raise – the more sisters we can help inshaAllah.
Here are some ways that your money will support these sisters:
*   A revert in difficulty pack to bring a smile to sisters who are feeling really down and low.
*   Counselling sessions with Muslim counsellors (too many of these sisters have been counselled by non Muslim counsellors resulting in even more problems!)
*   Islamic courses to dispel doubts that have cropped up in their minds as a result of all the tests they have endured and that nasty         *  Shaytaan who wants to take them to Jahannam with him.
*   More training sessions for the volunteers who are on the front line meeting with these sisters and providing the Support Scheme for them where they help the sisters to explore themselves, explore their surroundings and arrive at a natural solution to their problems.
*   Spreading out to other cities and countries so that SOLACE can reach other revert sisters in USA, Africa, Asia and Europe.

SOLACE has many more ideas that they wish to turn from dreams into realities
If you are also interested in sponsoring water, goodies for the event, or to advertise your business in the packs all the walkers will receive on the day, or to hold a stall  you can email
Okay, so PLEASE sponsor me! 
Here’s how you do it:
*   Click on this link:
*   Then click on the yellow ‘Donate’ button.
*   Enter the amount you wish to sponsor and your own paypal details.
*   Underneath ‘SOLACE General Donation’, click on ‘Add special instructions to seller’ and then write my full name down (the reason for this is that they have a prize for the sister or family group with the most donations!)
*   Correct your intention that it is for the sake of Allah, click on the ‘Donate’ button and inshaAllah the angels would have written this as a beautiful good deed for you!
Alternatively, they can pay an amount via internet banking to the following account:
Account Name – Solace
Bank – Lloyds TSB
Account Number – 14808660
Sort Code – 779130
May Allah reward you with good for your sponsorship.
Oh, and if you want to attend yourself and you think you can beat me in the amount of sponsorships, why not register yourself, visit and click on the event leaflet!
Jazakum Allah Khairan!


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