She’s so excited!


R is so excited at the donations that have come through in sponsoring her for the Sponsored Walk. Now think about the fact that she is only 6.5 and is very committed to walking the whole 5 miles to raise money for sadaqa. Jzk to all those who have sponsored her on this walk. If you haven’t done so, please please sisters try and do so – every £1 will go to a very good cause. Please re-read msg-from-r-please-sponsor-me-aunties again for details about how your £5 will be used. If every reader of this blog (there are about 300 of you who are registered to receive email updates mashaAllah. If each of you sponsored her just £5 – she could raise an amazing £1500!) What do we spend £5 so easily on? Chicken and chips? A travel card. Definitely more on thebookpeople! lol 

It doesn’t take long, all you need to do is follow these instructions:

*   Click on this link:
*   Then click on the yellow ‘Donate’ button.
*   Enter the amount you wish to sponsor and your own paypal details.
*   Underneath ‘SOLACE General Donation’, click on ‘Add special instructions to seller’ and then write my full name down (the reason for this is that they have a prize for the sister or family group with the most donations!)
*   Correct your intention that it is for the sake of Allah, click on the ‘Donate’ button and inshaAllah the angels would have written this as a beautiful good deed for you!

From R and me, Jzk sisters! 🙂

p.s. As home edders, there is no better way to teach Islamic Studies than by action. If you’d like to join and participate with your children and teach them the importance of DOING something for the sake of Allah, then why not join yourself. Visit and click on the leaflet!


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