Overdue Update!


Yup, its been ages subhanAllah! Don’t even know where to begin.

Well, yesterday was 12 years that I had become a Muslim. I seem to remember this date very clearly. I remember the blue tye dye scarf I wore as I uttered my shahadah. I remember the tears and hugs of the sister who had given me dawah. And I remember my first gifts – a red book, ‘Islam Beliefs and Teachings’ and a prayer mat (which I still have!) I have been reflecting: little did I know back then, that 12 years later I would be married, with children and home educating. Alhamdulillah for everything. I just hope that I die upon Islam as a Muslim.

Two weeks ago, baby Y who is almost 16 months old had chicken pox – so we were home bound. Yesterday R and Z got it. And we are really home bound now. They have it quite badly with R vomitting with fever. Please make dua for her and for Z. They are covered in it!

Lately, we seem to have been keeping up with Quran, English and Math. On Monday this week, I decided to be a bit spontaneous and took up a last minute offer to attend a trip at Roots and Shoots in South London. And I’m so glad that we went as it was just before (didn’t know they had it at that point) their chicken pox flared up!

Here are some pics of our day:

Z in his beehive suit. Even I got into one and went in there. The bees were swarming around us everywhere! Shame I couldn't take pictures of the layers of the beehive - it really was actually amazing!

A walnut tree - amazing because the actual walnuts looked like limes!

David talking to the children about pollen and nectar and different species of bees.Entering the oak wood door which leads to the enclosed garden space full of bees, dragonflies, a pond, tadpoles, a dragon's den.Entering the oak wood door which leads to the enclosed garden space full of bees, dragonflies, a pond, tadpoles, a dragon's den.Looking at a dragonfly perched upon a twig - a truly beautiful creature mashaAllah.

It was a beautiful day mashaAllah. After that, I rushed R off to her pottery class whilst I whizzed the boys round the supermarket doing our weekly shopping. Then back home and R had a kickboxing class in the evening. Definitely can’t do it again – was absolutely shattered!

Also, I have noticed a change in Z who is 3. 4 years old mashaAllah. Other home edders do say that children have different learning styles. I often wondered if Z was ‘slow’. But I have noticed that he is just a boy and very different to his sister. However, what has shocked me is that whilst I sat down with R and literally taught her to count to 10, taught her surahs and taught her dua, Z has just literally picked these up perfectly mashaAllah just by listening to his sister. He can count to 10. And he said his dua before sleeping all by himself – there were no formal lessons at all subhanAllah. He really is amazing me and I have yet to see where this will lead. R definitely wasn’t like this – perhaps its child 2 that just picks things up. I am intrigued.

We started gardening months ago alhamdulillah with just seeds and soil. And oh my have we had a success this year alhamdulillah. See the pics below:

Sweet peas.


Courgette patch.


Courgettes. At the moment the flowers are growing. Underneath the flower is a little green stick - that is what grows into a courgette. We'll be saving these for the all important chourba in Ramadan inshaAllah!


Fresh mint - rubbing a few leaves between my fingers - the smell is stronger than the mint leaves from the shops!


Oregano, wild rocket which really is growing wild mashaAllah and tomato patch.Salad.


Sunflowers almost 5-6ft high.
And woopee sunflowers! 🙂

Apart from that, the house smells of calomine lotion and lots of ‘Dont scratch it!’. Home ed, don’t you just love it?!