Homemade Calendar


We used to have a wooden calendar but sold it in a fundraiser.

Have been meaning to make one of these for ages and so spent some time doing it today. There was a lot of typing, printing, cutting, laminating (where would I be without my beloved laminator and pouches!) and then stapling… but hey presto – a few hours later…




As Z is approaching 3.5 years old and is becoming more aware of things, I felt the need to have one of these in the house. The Quranic ayat and Question of the Day are more for R  and I’ll change the ayat and questions based on what we’re doing, how she’s behaving and what I feel she needs to spend a few minutes every day thinking about.

Someone asked about planning in a comment to a previous post – I guess this is a part of my planning for next year inshaAllah..


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    • Walaikum assalam,

      Sorry sister I didn’t keep the files – I simply typed the words using Microsoft Word and searches for the images in Google images. Hope this helps. x

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