Geography Curriculum


This year, we are going full force with a new Geography Curriculum designed by a Chrisitian Homeschooler. We’re following it and supplementing the Chrisitian parts with Islamic bits. So far it has been interesting – so much so that in today’s English lesson, R had to write three sentences about herself and one of them was: ‘ My favourite subject is Geography’.

The Curriculum we are using is Expedition Earth from

So far, this is what we have done:


We started off by looking at the Globe and refreshing R’s knowledge on the continents and oceans. I cannot express how good the book in the picture is. It is about Maps and Globes – the Geo and History of it but it is sooo child friendly and suitable in the language and illustrations. Do buy this book – a must have for all home ed bookshelves. We’ve learnt so much already and all in a simple format mashaAllah.

We read about the different zones of the earth and then discussed them. I then mentioned different countries (used our ethnicities as examples): Italy, Nigeria, Algeria and where we live the UK and asked R to identify the zone they fall into. We then realised why Algeria even though it is an African country has snowy winters and scorchingly hot summers – its because it falls into the temperate zone.

At the end of yesterday's lesson, R then made a map of where we live.


Today, we read about maps and globes and the difference in scales between maps and globes. Eg, did you know that the scales on a flat map is not accurate and so sometimes Greenland looks as big as South America even though South America is 8 times bigger than Greeland! After this, R labelled a map sheet with all the continents and oceans.

Finished off today’s lesson by reading about Food Chains and Food Webs. Discussed different types of producers and consumers at different levels. Then talked about a ‘community’ being upset by something like a wild fire and what would happen to the other animals in that community should a consumer die away.

Quite interesting stuff. I quite enjoyed the Geography myself!


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  1. Assalammualaikum sister. My name is Noorjahan or Pam from Thailand. I plan to homeschool my two children (11 and 9.5 years of age) starting next term (October) onward. I don’t know much about homeschooling so I’m so glad to come across your blog. I am very scared ‘coz we will be the first and the only Muslim homeschooler in our area. My kids have no problem at all at school but I want to instill Islam in them together with worldly knowledge. Thailand is a heavy Buddhist country and schools’ curriculums are full of it. I don’t even know how to start but inshaAllah I’ll find a way. My kids are also worried how it is going to be but they are ready to try with me. I am a full time worker too so I plan to bring my kids along to work. Please duaa for me.

    Sister, for how long you teach each class to your children?

    Hope to hear back from you soon. May Allah reward you and your family due to this good deeds of yours.


    • Walaikum assalam,

      Welcome to home ed. My teaching time really does vary. For Z, its no more than 2 hours. For R, its prob on average 4-5 hours a day.

  2. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

    We’ve bought this, looks fun mashaAllah. Have you seen the Animals supplement too? Also if you go to the Mama Jenn website she has also posted up some Geography copywork pages.

    Wasalamu alaikum

    Umm Yusuf

    • Walaikum assalam,

      Yup seen the Animals Supplement. Now that we’ve had a good look at the books – def not suitable for your son’s age group sis – a lot of reading involved. But I guess you could do the arts stuff. x

  3. Salaams ukhti, how all?

    Ive been trying to finalise my geography curriculum, but I just needed geographical worksheets and things. They look really good, but I didnt want to clutter up my resources with things I might not be 100% satisfied with (got loads of those that I need to remove). But if someones ‘recommending’ it I might give it a go. Did you get the Expedition Earth: Discovering Gods World?

    BTW what are you using for science this year? I wanted something simple – a topic to work on for 6weeks, with thorough worksheets (Expedition Earth style).

    • Ws,

      Got to mention that buying the PDF isn’t enough. You need to buy the set of books to go with it. I didn’t know this when a sister and I bought it. I think there are 6 books you need to buy otherwise the PDF won’t really be that useful. For Science, check out an upcoming post on science to see how we’re doing it this year inshaAllah. x

  4. Salaams again,

    Expedition Earth is a download, so that means that Im still going to have to print everything off? or will I also receive a real live file in the post too?

    wslms x

  5. ..again Salaams khawaat!

    is the picture of the globe showing the temperat and tropical zones from Expedition Earth or from your little book in the first pic? I need something like that too.


  6. Assalamu alaikum Umm Ubayd,

    You get a download link which takes you to the PDF file so you do need to print.

    I found other interested sisters and we bought the co-operative license. There were 6 of us so we got the curriculum cheaply alhamdulilah. You could do the same thing, if you find other sisters and share the costs.

    Wasalamu alaikum

    Umm Yusuf

    • Jazaakillahukhyara Umm Yusuf,

      That’s a good idea, Ive just got to find others interested. How many of us do there need to be for a co-op licence?

      So there’s no file?…I should just go on the site and ask Erica all my Qs.


      • No file – basically the PDF has some printables and tells you what you need to do everyday but a lot of it is read pg x – x and then do activity on pg x-x

        So really the books are needed. x

  7. So what are the 6 books? From Erica at Confessions? Please let me know what I need to purchase in TOTAL (incl total cost), in order to be able to benefit fully from it.


    • Sorry sis I don’t have the time to list all of them and the price. They are ordinary books written by different authors and can be bought on Amazon/ebay. Contact Erica and maybe she could send you the list.

  8. Salams sis,

    I actually didn’t buy the Maps and Globes book. When I was looking at the pages of the book on amazon I read a page that talked about history and it was saying that everyone thought the earth was flat until Columbus came along. I’ve been battling the Columbus myths and so chose not to buy the book. I figured we could get the beneficial info from elsewhere without supporting it. Be careful when going over it with R. Even if you google islamic history, the Muslims knew the Earth was round early on. In the 1200’s the Muslims gave a gift of a globe to Kubla Khan. Maybe the West only realised the Earth was round with Columbus because they were the dark ages for so long.

    • Ws, funny you say that because we’ve already covered that part and it led to an interesting conversation as I mentioned to R that Muslim Explorers (African) discovered that the world was round before Columbus. It then led to a discussion of why that wasn’t included in the book. I actually prefer to discuss it then not go into it. We’re now looking into Muslim African Explorers! Iguess everyone is different but thats the approach I prefer to take – show them the inconsistency and then discuss it. I think R can handle that now alhamdulillah. Still like the book though 🙂

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