Mayfield Lavender Field


What an eventful few days we’ve had. Spent 4 hours driving on Tuesday to collect Mum from the airport – hate airport pick ups but was lovely when we saw her. Today, I attended my graduation ceremony (can’t remember if I mentioned that alhamdulillah I passed and finally have my degree – All praise is due to Allah!)

On Thursday, we decided to finally visit a Lavender Field that is about 25 minutes from us. We’ve been meaning to visit for a long time. The weather was so beautiful so we took the chance. A definite thumbs up! Would really recommend going here with a picnic blanket. The kids were so free running through the rows of lavender, touching it and smelling it and looking at grasshoppers, bees, ladybirds. It was such a lovely home ed day for me watching the kids be at one with Allah’s creation. I want to see more days like this and less days sat at a table!

We were told by the young man at the outdoor shop in the field that the lavender is at its peak in July. Despite it being September, there was still some (faded) purple but the smell was definitely still there. Some parts of the field were drying up and they had cut the heads off. He told us that lavender has to be dry in order for it to be squashed and compressed into oil. After we finished running through the field, we stopped off and tried some lavender bread and lavender shortbread. Didn’t know you could use lavender in cooking but it was really quite yummy.

Next door to the Lavender Field was another field (private land though) with horses! R was jumping up and down like crazy and we (cough cough) quickly ventured over to have a look. The public are allowed to cross the field but have been warned not to go near the horses – what can I say? I’m married to an Algerian and oh, my Sicilian mother was there too. Was in no position to fight my ground to not go near the horses! lol

Here are some pics:

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I must say, you had to be there to see how beautiful it was. Here is the website to show you how purple and pretty it gets during the Summer season – we can’t wait to go back there inshaAllah when the lavender is in full bloom:


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  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Congratulations on your degree maashAllah.
    Lavender is easy to grow in a pot, nice to have some of that fragrance by your front or back door, ( as long as the kids don’t get scared of the bees!).

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