Artists and Art!


I never liked Art at school and am absolutely terrible at it. When it came to GCSE options, I took Food and Technology and was so happy I wouldn’t have to spend another year dreading Art lessons!

I haven’t done much ‘formal’ Art lessons with R but have decided that I need to give her opportunities even in the areas I don’t like. She isn’t me and may like it!

So, I found this Art curriculum book:

We started off by learning about the French Artist, Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardi and his infamous Still Life paintings. We discussed what Still Life Art is and looked at his well known paiting The Silver Goblet:

Whilst the painting was displayed on the computer courtesy of GOOGLE I followed the suggestions for discussion in the Curriculum book and we discussed:

  • What she could see
  • Reflection and shadow
  • How many things made by Allah (this wasn’t in the book!) and how many man-made things there were
  • Position of the objects
  • Colours
  • Background colour
  • What each object could be used for

R then chose various objects and arranged them for her own still life drawing. I gave her the option of what materials she wanted to use – she chose colouring pencils!

She then began and here is the end result – she coloured in very lightly and tried to bring in shade.

I’m going to dip into this curriculum from time to time inshaAllah and see whether she likes it or not.

What do you do for Art?


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  1. Asalamualaikum,

    I loved art at school and still do, except it’s all taken a back seat to life!
    My kids are very small so anything they do would proberbly be considered art/ scribles depending on how biased you are. I have a question for you sister and I would be grateful if you can answer. My son enjoys drawing and modelling people/ animals…generally depicting what he encounters day to day- how allowed is that in Islam? I ask because I have heard that for learnings sake for children its ok- what age would you stop them drawing people/ eyes?

    • Walaikum assalam,

      I’m not a Shaykha so can’t really say what is right or whats wrong. But I follow the opinion that they can draw for educational purposes without facial features and so R has always drawn people/animals but with no faces. But again, this is my opinion. I would very much encourage you to speak to a Sheikh and follow what you feel is the stronger opinion. And Allah knows best.

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    I was always keen on art but was never very good!

    A few years ago (probably after reading blogs) i really got caught up in the art “curriculum” and artist studies, but realized that it was a waste of time. Many of these artists (past and present) led lives that were far from what we were trying to instill within our children, and the content (ie animals and people) were not permissable either. It’s much better to focus on those who have benefitted the ummah, so I left it. My kids weren’t really interested either, and I realized that it was something that i felt they should do, rather than something that they wanted to do.

    In hindsight this is something that i will keep for later years, if they wish to do it inshaAllah.

    R’s drawing is great mashaAllah! xxx

    • Ws,

      Absolutely. The thing about this curriculum (well, what I’ve seen so far is that it doesn’t really go into the lives of the Artists – more about their methods and mediums chosen to create their pieces of Art. Even if it did, I think I would skip that part as it is totally a waste of time as you said and something that bored me to death during school. For me, its more about the textures, different tools, ways of creating art. I just felt obliged to open up the door to the art world for R and see whether she likes it. If she doesn’t, I have no problem in putting that book on Amazon! lol 🙂

  3. As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    We love art over here (whether we are good at it or not doesn’t really matter), lol. We are going through the Drawing With Children text by Mona Brookes. We also participate in sketch Tuesday from time to time over on Harmony Art Mom’s blog. The children like to view their work in the slideshow.

  4. Asalamualykum,

    Would u be able to PDF and post more Ad Duha Mini Tafseer books?
    I completed Surah Naas with the kids and was hoping you would post


  5. As salam alaikium

    I love art it’s been my passion since a child. I studied art and design and then graphic design and my children don’t like it! I always try and add a creative element to whatever we study,my 2 moan at this most times.Our local resource centre offer Saturday morning art workshops with a different art form on offer each week. The sessions are delivered by a local artist/craftsman/woman who specializes in whatever is being taught, they have enjoyed this tremendously, perhaps it’s just me!
    I have a similar book based on various artists famous works and a discussion/activity for the children, they quit after a few lessons, am so gutted! However I have seen a nice basic ‘How to teach children Art’ book by Evan Moor curriculum publishers…hmmm….!

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