Been thinking about unschooling again! I think our home ed style is currently in between structured and unschooled. Am particularly interested in unschooling and have been reading articles and watching videos. If anyone unschools, please leave a comment and let me know how you and most importantly your children are finding it. If you have any really great videos or articles on unschooling, please be kind enough to leave the link in a comment. Jzk sisters!


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  1. As salaam alaikum Umm Raiyaan,
    Have you seenThe Life Without School Community blog? http://lifewithoutschool.typepad.com/
    It is no longer active, but you can still read through the archives. I highly recommend it.

    I realized that I have been fighting this natural learning for so long even has it happend despite of me and so much easier for everyone. It is really submitting to the flow that has to take place.

    • Jzk Umm Tafari – will check that out inshaAllah. Yes, why are we fighting it? Just goes to show how indoctrinated we are with the western style of learning!

    • Jzk once again – no haven’t come across it – going to have a read now inshaAllah. Better put on the kettle! 🙂

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