Unschooling: Day 2


Today was a little different. A quick summary:

  • Breakfast and got ready
  • Off to a sister’s house (also a home educator) – R took the card she had made.
  • R’s friend also made her a card. They did some art activities and played, whilst the mother and myself discussed home ed and parenting! Z and Y also had a blast playing – SOCIALISATION, ART, READING
  • Back home – R did her Quran
  • Boys conked out in the car and so carried them up to bed one by one.
  • R then watched Live and Deadly 60 (show about live and deadly animals within the UK) – SCIENCE, GEO, NATURE
  • She then collected the codes at the end of each show and used them to play the game on the CBBC website – ICT, SAME AS ABOVE
  • Watched an Arabic cartoon about Vikings (a lot of computer stuff today!) – ARABIC, HISTORY
  • Started to discuss Vikings (again!) and then read about Vikings in her Usborne Encyclopedia – HISTORY, READING
  • Used the Usborne Link in the Encyclopedia – typed it in herself and spent AGES reading up facts about Vikings, looking at pictures, artefacts, watching videos. Soon all of us joined in as there were some good websites:  http://www.usborne-quicklinks.com/uk/uk_entity_pages/uk_all_links.asp?lvl=1&menu=s28&id=2174 Favourite was: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/vikings/ – ICT, HISTORY, READING
  • On one of the videos, they showed a silver coin from the Vikings age – it had Arabic writing on it and we noticed the word ‘Allah’ which suggests that they may have raided a Muslim settlement. – HISTORY, ISLAMIC STUDIES
  • Over dinner discussed tradesmen as Vikings were also known to trade. Led on to a discussion about what people could trade in if they didn’t trade using money. I brought in the fact that the Prophet (saw) was a tradesman. ISLAMIC STUDIES, HISTORY
  • During all of this, baby Y sometimes listened and often just played. Z listened and asked questions the whole time which was different for him.
  • Read one more story from Chocolate World to R – this time about Ramadhan and Chocolate Chip cookies – the theme was that Allah always watches us. Read Postman Pat to Z and a baby book to Y. READING
  • Kids went to bed with an arm load of books. READING


And that’s the end of Day 2 of unschooling!







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  1. Alsalamu Alikeum,

    Y is also really interested in Vikings. In a book called Travellers and Explorers we found something that would be nice to share with R. A Muslim by the name of Ibn Fadlan travelled and visited the Vikings. He called them ‘Rus’ and described many Viking customs. Perhaps the coin is evidence of their interaction with Muslims and trade? Do you have the link for the one that showed the coin? We’d be interested to watch.

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