Unschooling: Day 3


Super quick update today:

  • Woke up, breakfast etc.
  • R wanted to make something with lego following some lego instrcuctions
  • Boys played
  • I had to pop out
  • Came back and we decided to visit the British Museum to go and particularly see some Viking artefacts
  • R did her Quran on the train on the way there
  • Museum wasn’t that busy and R really enjoyed the Ancient Egyptians too! Z loved it too. Baby Y mostly slept through the entire visit. R noticed the new Hajj exhibition in January and the pictures as the sister we went to see yesterday is married to the person who is heading up the Hajj exhibition. She was so excited to see that she saw the same prints that were displayed all over the museum advertising the exhibition.
  • Came home – kids were completely shattered
  • Dinner and bed

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  1. as salam alaikum , i have two sons one is 1 and the other is 2 mashaallah and i want to home school them. but i have no clue how to go about it or where to get the basic information on how to home school them from. if possible could you please email me information on how you began homeschooling .

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