Going Away


We have been unschooling but haven’t had the time to update on what we have been doing.

Alhamdulillah, by the Blessed Permission of Allah (Swt), my husband and I have been invited to Allah’s House and are leaving in a week’s time to perform our first ever Hajj.

My heart is absolutely breaking as I am leaving my 3 precious sprouts behind. A beautiful home edding sister with 8 children of her own mashaAllah will be looking after my children and I feel so happy and content that they will be with her and her lovely family. But I think now that I have my passport back and with so much to do in the next 7 days, my heart feels like it is being ripped into tiny little pieces. They are with me 24/7. We do so much together and I may not return…

I am in the process of writing my will and I ask Allah to return me to my children after I inshaAllah complete my Hajj.

This blog was started in December 2007. It will almost be 4 years that I have been blogging about home ed and life. Those who have been following theย  blog will know me quite well. You witnessed the birth of my two youngest: Z and Y. You joined me on the rocky road towards my VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 c-sections) which ended in a wonderful natural water birth mashaAllah with baby Y. You saw me start off as structured, lean towards semi structured and experiment with unschooling. You read my frustrations and my joys. And by Allah ummihomeschoolsme would not be ummihomeschoolsme without your comments, support and advice/words of wisdom.

Should something happen to me whilst I am there, I ask you all to please forgive me (those of you who know me in person, those of you who know me online and those of you who are silent readers. Please forgive me if I ever blogged about something that caused you discomfort, pain or upset.

If Allah has written that my soul will be taken whilst I am there, then please remember my 3 beautiful children mashaAllah in your duas and the guardians I have entrusted them to. I ask you all to remember me in your duas should I die. And to share ummihomeschoolsme posts like mad after my death so that it may act as a sadaqa jariah for me. Ameen. ๐Ÿ™‚

I leave you all in the care of Allah (Swt). May Allah truly bless you all in your roles as mothers and as home educators. Ameen.

With love and duas,

Umm Raiyaan x


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    I love you so much, sister, and pray that Allah keeps you safe and allows you a safe return to your children. Even though we have never met IRL, I feel like we are so close regardless. Alhamdulillah, that Allah has granted us the pleasure of knowing each other in this life. May we meet IRL one day or may he grant us the pleasure of meeting in Jannah. Ameen.

  2. Dear Sister,
    May Allah protects you and family.. I love your blog.. You inspire me.. Take care of yourself while ur in Hajj.. May Allah Bless You..

  3. Asa

    Sis, I am one of those silent readers to your blog, I am also leaving my 3 children of almost identical age to go hajj.. SubhanaAllah your last post really touched my heart! May Allah accept our actions and correct our affairs! Ws

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum

    You brought tears to my eyes. But such a wonderful news. Hajj is indeed a wonderful journey of a lifetime and you would love it, May Allaah accept your Hajj and make everything easy on you. May He return you safe to your kids. Aameen.

  5. ุงู„ุณู„ุงู… ุนู„ูŠูƒู… ูˆุฑุญู…ุฉ ุงู„ู„ู‡.
    May ุงู„ู„ู‡ take u safely n bring u back safely 2 ur beloved ones. ุขู…ูŠู†
    May ุงู„ู„ู‡grant u Haj Maqbool n Haj Mabroor. Request for Duaas 4 all of us.

  6. May ุงู„ู„ู‡ make it ez 4 u, u were n still are such an inspiration to me n I have been following your blog since 2009. This is a great invite from ุงู„ู„ู‡ and he will look after u n those u leave behind. May ุงู„ู„ู‡ accept from U all ur efforts in the upbringing of ur kids n make ur journey an easy and rewarding one. Request 4 special Duaas. Ur sister in Islam from South Africa

  7. assalamu alaikum sis, mashallah i was able to do my hajj last year with my mum and brother and left my 3 girls with hubby and with the help of mother in law and my sisters my children were fine. like yourself it was a great opportunity but i was very worried and scared how they would cope without me especially my then 2 year old but by allahs grace they were fine. i didnt forget about them but it was good to be able to concentrate on my ibadah. take cough medicine with you (defo need it after mina) and a good pair of sandals/shoes plenty of walking to do! take clothes that are light cheap and you wont mind throwing away after, simple showel gel, baby wipes etc and a flannel and mist spray.if like me you like a clean toilet/shower area the shock of mina almost put me off hajj for life take carrier bags to use for rubbish bags. take energy bars and your own quran/books. make the most of every minute there and last but not least please make dua for me and my family that we remain steadfast on thie deen inshallah. the biggest gift to take with you is SABR. the experiance of hajj is unlike any other you will be treated like cattle and expected to take it you will see disgusting behaviour and you will have to bite your tongue.these negatives far outway the feeling you will have praying on the marble floor in front of the kaba.i left my heart in macca and life has not been the same since i have returned.think carefully what duas you want allah to answer and select the times most likely to be answered. may allah make this journey easy for you and make you closer to him.

  8. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, dear sister.
    Ameen to all the duaat.

    I have been one of the sisters following you for all these years and masha Allah you have been such an inspiration to us. May Allah reward you for all you have done. I pray Allah guide and protect your children, and the family taking care of them and that He return you to your loved ones and grant you a Haj Mabroor and Haj Maqbool.

    I love you for the sake of Allah
    Fe Amaanillah
    Umm Imaan

  9. AA. My Dear Sr, Your post made me break my silence of three yrs to say that your efforts are so much appreciated and that I pray Allah continues to bless all your endeavors and that He accepts these actions for you and rewards you with Jannatul Firdous. You are truly blessed to be able to do Hajj, especially since you have young children. It will be a reminder that we come from Allah and to Him is the final return. And that they, the children have always been in His care and trust, as they will be when we are not there.
    I second all the equipment a sr previously mentioned and mostly the SABRE. That is where I fell short in so many places. Think of your duas now and practice making dua now as it is often much neglected. Please remember us in your duas. And extend them to the muslim community at all levels and through all the ages. And extend them to all of humanity in these troubled times. Looking fwd to hearing all about it, on your return inshallah.

  10. Assalamu alaikum sister,
    I have been a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime now. This post of yours really brought tears to my eyes. May Allah make ur hajj easy for you and accept it for you. May Allah protect your children in your absence and May He return you to them safely. Do include us in your duas too.

  11. As salamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh

    I only know you through reading your blog but feel like I know you. May Allah keep you, your family and children safely in His care Ameen. Please remember all us home edding sisters in your Du’as, May Allah accept your Hajj Ameen. Oh I’ve already shared your blog with another home ed sister where I live so your request is in action!

    Love you for the sake of Allah dear sister xxx

  12. Asalam alaikum dear sis am really happy for u,may Allaah make it Hajj Mabroo, amin. Since d 1st time I came across ur blog am always looking forward to ur posts and u r indeed an inspiration to me. Although, I do not home ed yet but I want you to make dua for me to start by next September InshaAllaah. I love u for Allaah’s sake n am proud u r a Nigerian. Fii amanillah. See u one day insha Allaah or better still in Jannah, insha Allaah, amin.

  13. Salaam sister,

    I too am a silent reader of your wonderful blog and have been following it for a few years. We met once briefly at a sisters’ circle in North West London. Mashallah you write so well sister, I am inspired by reading your blog and pick up lots even though I am not a home edder.

    Sister I was in the same position as you 5 years ago when my husband and I were going for Hajj leaving behind my 7 and 3 year old (I was also pregnant with our 3rd) with grandparents. I left the kids whilst in tears but Alhamdulillah once I reached Saudi Arabia and focussed on my Hajj Allah placed a lot of sukoon in my heart and I knew that the kids were being well looked after. Hajj is indeed one of the greatest experiences in life. I wish you all the best and would ask you to please remember us and this Ummah in your duas.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your experience once you return safely inshAllah.

  14. Assalam u ‘alaykum habibaty.

    I’m so happy to hear that you’ve been called for Hajj mashaAllah! Have been reading your blog since long, when you were only HEding R and I was not even married, now that I’m married I read your blog with more interest and to stay motivated and encouraged for HE one day inshaAllah. One of the ‘after results’ ( in lack of a better word) of reading your posts is, I’m slowly realizing the ups and downs of motherhood and how we need to purify our intentions and do everything for His sake. You’re an INSPIRATION, surely.

    Love you for the sake of Allah swt, Please keep me and my family in your prayers whilst you’re there. Have a safe journey.



  15. asssalamualaikum sister

    Masha’allah sis thats great news and insha’allah Allah swt will make it easy for you and your children and accept your hajj. keep us in your duas xx

  16. assalamualikum wa rahamtullah,, dear beloved sister,

    may Allah keep you and your family safe and may Allah take you to his house safely and return you back safely and full of imaan and energy to your children inshallah.. you dont have to worry about your children they going to be in safe hands with the sisters family mashallah may Allah give her barakah in her wealth,,
    your blog is full of inspiration and wonderful ideas for home schooling, i really really appreciate your blog may allah return you safe to complete your blog and benenifit us inshallah.dont forget us in your dua when you are in front of Allahs house make dua for my children.
    fi amaanillah, astawdiukillaha lladhi laa tadio waddaeohu.
    umm saara

  17. Assalaamu alaikum Sis! Alhamdulillah! An opportunity of a lifetime, mashaAllah! May Allah bless you with safe travels and may He bring you back to your babies safely and with renewed iman. Ameen. Remember all of us in your duaa inshaAllah!

  18. Salam sister,

    Insya Allah may you have safe journey and Bring back Haj mabrur! Make doa as soon as you see the kaabah and don’t forget the prrcious doa above all: ask Allah to accept all your doa after. Concentrate on your hajj. Your kids will be in the hand of your friend, but with the help from Allah swt. The sacrifice that we all had to made for Hajj is what the significant of Hajj is. Hajj is all about sacrifice for deen, to follow the commandment of Allah.

    Remember me as a sister that put comment on your going away post!

  19. Walaikum assalam to all of you,

    Am so surprised at how many silent readers have broken their silence mashaAllah! Always nice to hear from readers of the blog. Jzk to all the sisters who emailed me privately and ameen to your duas. Was very surprised to hear from a private reader who lives in Madinah mashaAllah and am looking forward to meeting her in person. All of you are doing such an amazing job mashaAllah – may Allah reward you all for the sweat and tears you put in to raise these little Mumins. Ameen. x

  20. salam alaikum,i just came across ur blog of recent and i love them so much.May Allah in HIS infinite mercy guide u through all ur en devour n make our hajj easy n accept from us.amin.Insha Allah,i will be going for hajj too.may Allah make us meet in peace.This is my no 0509496456

  21. salam alaikum,i just came across ur blog of recent and i love them so much.May Allah in HIS infinite mercy guide u through all ur en devour n make our hajj easy n accept from us.amin.Insha Allah,i will be going for hajj too.may Allah make us meet in peace.

  22. Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!
    Alhamdulillahi rabb al aalameen.
    May Allaah azza wa jal grant you and your spouse and all those going on Hajj the ikhlaas in this act of ibaadah. May He the Most HIgh grant all the hajjaj’s Hajj Mabroor. May He keep your children safe.
    May Allaah azza wa jal increase you in patience and grant you good health and guide you to the best of ibaadah on this journey you are undertaking to Is House.
    May Allaah give you piety as your provision, forgive your sins and make goodness easy for you wherever you be.
    Aaameen allaahumma aameen.

  23. As salam alikum,
    Insh’Allah may you have safe journey and return back to your children…Ameen. Im one of “the silent readers ” and must say your blog is absolutely brilliant. Like Ihsaan as well.Jazakhallah for sharing all these with us, mash’Allah.
    Insh’Allah I get opportunity to meet you one day.
    May Allah accept your Hajj. Take care sister, Oum Ayoub

  24. assalamu alaykum

    may Allah accept your Hajj & all our good deeds.
    Wallahi sister I have learn t a lot from your blog.May Allah bless you with good health to continue your great task !

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