We’ve been out quite a bit this week. I felt the need to be out rather than in – not sure if it is linked to Hajj or not. Maybe because whilst we were there, we were out a lot. I just felt somewhat claustrophobic at home but now I feel happy to be in the warm indoors. Alhamdulillah, Allah is truly Merciful for giving us a roof over our head and central heating. Can you imagine life without those two blessings?

Monday – I took the boys to a local Muslim playgroup. R tagged along and did some work in the corner of the hall. R then went to Kickboxing.

Tuesday – I took them all to the library and took out loads of books. Z was thrilled at the fire alarm that went off whilst we were there

Wednesday – We all went to a lovely farm not far from Greenwich. They have a tour every Wednesday at a set time (only allow the first 50 to enter). The kids get to feed the animals and hold the animals. They held a rat, chinchilla (think thats how you spell it), guinea pig, rabbit, saw a goose splash right in front of them in a kids paddling pool, brushed the pigs (not my favourite part – but seriously Z’s favourite part of the day!), fed chickens and geese, teased the terrapins who wanted to bite off their fingers and had red noses from the cold of the day but it was excellent mashaAllah.

Thursday – missed our home ed group as R and I headed off to Central London to the British Dental Association Museum for an entire day learning about teeth. They were good workshops. They saw old toothbrushes, drills etc in the Museum. Learnt what ingredients were used in toothpaste from the days of before, and matched items from history to modern day items. They also went back into history in costume. And R won the healthiest lunch competition and got a prize. I was telling the sisters, that was a great quick choice from Sainsburys (I didn’t have time to make her packed lunch!)

Friday – Home

Saturday – Twins of Faith Event in Excel Centre by Mercy Mission

Sunday – Home

And now I’m ready to spend the entire week at home relaxing inshaAllah. After all that, I’m ready to hibernate. Am slowly getting back to routine. Am trying so hard to hang on to my memories of Hajj and love it when I speak to my Hajj buddies or best of all when I physically bump into them as all the memories come flooding in..

Right, off to plan what we’re all doing tomorrow for home ed inshaAllah. Have a blessed week. One thing that has been on my mind which I’d like to share is never underestimate the power of dhikr and dua – only by the will of Allah – it can have a profound effect upon a person’s heart and relationship with our Lord.


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  1. As salaamu alaykum ukhtee.

    I enjoyed reading this. One of my ways of relaxing in a noise-free zone, alhamdulilaah.

    May Allaah grant us more productive lives to witness hajj: a journey of a lifetime, aameen.

    May Allaah bless your homeschooling home, aameen.

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