Making it more interesting…(another long one)


I’ve been trying to make learning more fun and appealing for R and much more tailored to what she is interested in.

Wednesday, we attended the best trip we’ve been to so far I think – it was about Vikings and the man who delivered it engaged the children and announced at the beginning that he and his wife home educated their children (one is now a stuntman in Argentina and the other is heading off to University). It was very clear from the workshop that he knew exactly how home educated children operate – absolutely brilliant and it has got R wanting to learn more about Vikings.

All the kids engaged as the man pretends to be a North African merchant trading with the children who have Viking artefacts.I must say, the children were quite impressive with their knowledge about the Viking Age aswell as one of the sister's 7 year old son who started talking about a Chinese Emperor (all linked in with the talk about Vikings) mashaAllah.

 She completed her poem about Autumn following on from the Spidergram. Here was the outcome (its her first poem other than an acrostic poem she did a few years ago):

R has developed very small writing, this is what it reads:

Five Autumn Days

On Monday red, brown, and yello leaves

falling from great brown trees.


On Tueday we stayed at home

and made cards from foam.


On Wednesday was the third autumn day

there was a windy storm yesterday.


On Thursday I saw a squirrel climbing a tree

I fed it a nut it looked at me.


On Friday the strong wind blows

We sit down next to the fire as it glows.

She also completed the frame for her horse. But decided to make a pattern with the mosaic pieces instead:

Cut this out from an old piece of Amazon packaging.

Covered it in orange paper.

Decorated with pre cut pieces of different coloured card.

Making a frame is a good way of framing something they spent a long time working on.

And finally, today she made a ‘Take it to your seat math centre’ about number families. I’m trying to work on her mental Math and as she has moved on to larger numbers like 63+8, I thought a bit of revision on number families and place value would help. But I wanted to make it fun and flipped though our Grades 1-3 Math Centre books and she made this:

R made this centre. We wrapped sugar paper around a coat hanger and stapled the bottom to make a pocket. She then made the windows, door and chimney by using the ruler to follow the measurements in the instructions. She then stuck the pieces on the front that come with the centre.

She cut out all the family numbers from 2 to 10. All family numbers were divided into 3 different colours.
Object of the centre is that the child chooses a bag of coloured additions (there are 3 different families of numbers in there all mixed up and all the same colour). The child then has to be a postman/woman and post the cards to the correct family whilst recording it on their sheet.
To make it more challenging for R, I’m going to time her. I know it seems a bit basic but am hoping that this will help her add up the 3+7 part of a 63+7 question.

R really enjoyed Math today. It involved measuring which she finds fun at the moment! And art and crafts and role play. If you want to make Math more interesting, I would really recommend these Math centres.


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    • Walaikum asalam,

      I think I bought them on Amazon – can’t remember as it was some time ago. Yes it has grade level and so there is pre-K/K. It has Science centres, Math Centres, Language Centres and Phonic Centres etc. Hope this helps. x

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