Yesterday, after R had completed her Quran and English, I got the kids dressed. Both Z and R wanted to know where we were going and I kept telling them that they would see. R was very intrigued and kept asking questions. So we drove to East London and when we arrived at a Riding Centre, her expression was absolutely priceless mashaAllah.

Anyone who has been reading my blog will know how MAD about HORSES R is. I simply cannot afford to send her to private lessons. So, when a fellow home educating sister arranged lessons in a group setting at a fraction of the price I jumped at it!

R was so shocked when she saw the riding area and of course the horses. She donned her riding hat and the instructor led her to Saffron who R instantly built a bond with. Those who know me, know that I don’t really do animals. A cat running past me makes me jump and so I was quite surprised as I led her as she rode and the horse trotted. A sister’s daughter warned me that Saffron was somewhat grumpy and his side kick to me was proof of that.

Anyway, was a fantastic half an hour mashaAllah. My lovely home edding sisters in South London who might be reading this, watch this space as I’m in talks with some riding schools here to see if they could give our kids group sessions at a very cheap rate inshaAllah. I’ll be in touch ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

What I love about home ed is that you can go with what interests your child and tailor all subjects to that interest. So, for R she reads novels about horses, encyclopedias about horses, writes stories about horses, does arts and crafts about horses, and now sport. School would never allow for us to educate her according to her interests. Alhamdulillah for the ability to home ed!

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  1. Subhaana’Allaah sis, that was lovely. Alhamdulilaah for Home Education it’s so very true school could never cater for your childs interests like this. After all the stories and research and hard work she deserved it. Insha’Allaah you will be able to arrange more sessions for her bi’ithnillaah.

    Um Umayyah.x

  2. Masha Allah!

    My daughter is mad about horses too, my daughter and son are having a block of 10 free lessons at a riding centre near to where we live all sponsored through a muslim youth group, Allah never fails to provide! Alhamdulillah she wants to carry on and the lessons are cheaper during school hours, if I wasn’t home edding I wouldn’t be able to accommodate this but with the flexibility home ed provides we can easily fit this in Insha Allah. Do keep us posted on your daughter’s progress the pictures are lovely Masha Allah I really hope she can continue doing the thing she loves!

    Just a thought…if your daughter ever wants a horse mad pen friend….!

    Sa’diyah x

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