Ian’s Walk


R has been particularly interested in adults and children who have a disability. When we’re out she stares at those who are different and asks lots of questions: Why can’t they walk? Why is their face different? Why do they act differently? And I explain what disabilities are and also try to bring in the fact that although disabled adults and children may look or act differently, that we need to respect them just as we would respect anyone else.

I spotted this book in the library and read this to the kids last night. I don’t think Z understood but R was really engaged. It is well written and really explains how an autistic child’s world is very different to our own. It sparked off a lot of discussion and I would really recommend it in introducing disabilities to your children.


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  1. Aslamalilkum sister. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for helpful resources and information you have put up on your blog, MashAllah! i am actually one of the ‘silent readers’ but when i came across this post it touched me because i have a 4 year old autistic lovely bright boy who I homeschool and its lovely that you are educating R on disabilites. Alot of people dont actually know alot about Autism and are very quick to label them as ‘naughty’ etc. I really do hope InshaAllah that more people educate themselves and their children about not only Autism but other disabilities. keep up the good work, you are really doing a great job, Allah Huma Barik!


    • Ws

      Awww what a lovely message mashaAllah. JazakhaAllahu khairan my sister. I was wondering if anyone missed that post as I posted twice in one day and I felt it was an important post as we need to educate our children on children who may be different. May Allah make things easy for you and bless your home ed too! Ameen. x

  2. I too am a silent blogger and I have a son with Autism and I have come to the conclusion that I will home school him, I have just been wanting to gather some ideas and confidence before I start. JazakAllah Khairan for the inspiration xxx

    • Aslamalikum Hannah, so nice to hear i m not alone! I have been homeschooling my son now for 2 years now, If you need any help and tips or advice u can email me InshaALLAH;
      I know how hard it can be when starting off but eventually its gets better InshaAllah. how old is ur son?


      • Thanks for making me feel like i’m not the only one as I think homeschooling a child with Autism may be too much for me but I will email you inshaAllah x

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