I was looking for some activities that R did when she was younger (to do with Z)  and so started browsing through old posts in the blog. And then I came across a few old posts. It is quite interesting to see how she has progressed in her home ed. Some of the posts made me laugh – particularly this one:

And also, when she wrote her name for the first time:


R joined me and we started looking at older posts together – smiling. In most of these activities, she was younger than Z is now and it makes me feel slightly bad that I haven’t done as much with him. 😦 But I guess that is how it goes, the more children you have. I also feel that I wouldn’t want to do so much formal learning with him: a) he really isn’t ready yet  b) I don’t feel the need to do formal work with him at his age as he would learn it all much quicker when he is that little bit older anyway. I’ve finally seen how the child’s brain changes the older they get especially around the 7 year old mark! There is definitely some truth in the saying of Ali (RA).

Anyway, always good to look back at work the kids did when they were younger as it allows you to see the progress they’ve made. Often, we home edding Mums are quite hard on ourselves but I think we’re doing a great job – so reminisce away dear sisters and look at how your children have grown and changed.

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  1. asaalamu alaikumj ukhti,

    JazakAllah khayr for sharing sis! And definately agree with you mashAllah – we can definately be hard on ourselves and often overlook just how much our children are learning and developing….and definately easy to forget just how far they have come mashAllah!

  2. Asalamualaikum,
    Reading this post has amde me smile…but i wonder what saying of Ali (ra) you are refering to?
    I’ve found it’s def true about the later you leave things the quicker they pick it up, but it’s so hard to escape the ‘first child syndrome’…the second child quickly cures that!

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