Up and down


That’s how I feel with this blog. Times when I want it to be private. Times when I feel maybe its benefitting others and should remain opened. I just don’t know. Opened it again. May close it again. Who knows! I’m probably not making any sense!

Anyway, on to blogging. Things have been very quiet over the Xmas period here. Didn’t intentionally mean to stop formal learning but it kind of happened anyway. A few sisters in South London got together and organised two weeks of fun activities (10am to 3pm) for children age 4-10. They charged the Mums and all money was going to a sister in need. R attended 3 of those days and made a candle, baked, a wall hanging piece, she sewed. It was nice mashaAllah. Felt weird without her at home. She came back filthy on all 3 days – proof that it was fun!

I’m in planning mode to start formal home ed again on Tuesday. Looked through R’s Horse Project book and I’ve decided to spend the next few weeks on handwriting and spelling in English. Using an old Handwriting workbook by Sue Palmer. And for Spelling, we are using this. She has already started and I like it. Here is part 1 if you’d like to use it: Spelling Rule 1

At the moment, it is still very much about horses around here. I still read aloud to R and at the moment I am 3/4 of the way through War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.   She is absolutely hooked. R has started a new self led project. She is currently in the process of writing down her ideas for a horse novel. Her idea not mine. She has asked me for guidance on how to write a story so we used a book a sister bought us from TKMaxx. It started by getting the child to think about the planning stages. She seems to be engrossed in that at the moment.

 As for the boys, lots of free play, drawing, watching stuff, fighting, beating each other up when one has something the other one has and generally driving me up the wall. But alhamdulillah, wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. You are making perfect sense as we all have those days, weeks when we feel we are not making progress, but your blog is a wonderful record for your family and such an inspiration to other homeschool Mums. We all have good and not so good days, but its lovely to know we are all the same…not so perfect all the time, but just right for our children!

  2. I pray inshaAllah you are all ok. i’ve just come back from holiday and saw that you were going private again. InshaAllah UmmR, you should do what suits you and not put too much pressure on yourself. Even though i would be devestated if you closed down(no pressure lol), you should do what is right for you and your family.

    I have to say, i still wander on to your blog and find them beneficial for the kids even though they’re at school now. definitely still considering HEing baby girl (dont know if its just me, but i feel so much more protective over her).

    love you for the sake of Allah x

  3. Asalaamu alaikum sis,

    Firstly, jazakAllah khayr for re-opening 🙂

    But like the others have said, do what is best for you and your family fisabillAllah….and only you know that.

    I’d also like to say, as so many other sisters have said mashALlah, I really do find your blog beneficial – you really helped me in my decision to home ed about a year ago and I love checking in to see what projects or lessons you have done as my eldest i think is a little younger than yours (age 5 and half) ? – i love the fact you share alot of your thoughts ……you make me feel “normal” lol – espeacily your recent journey tempering with unschooling, semi structured and formal again….you sound just like me, and I feel better knowing that other home edding mummies experiement with what they do, have good days, bad days, crazy days and all those in between like me (instead of imagioning that everyone else flies through each day! )

    JazakAlllah khayr sis for everything you share – and it is personal to you and your family, so letting us in on it, is no small thing!

    May you continue to benefit us, and may Allah make your affairs easy.

    • Ws,

      Jzk for your message. My eldest is a little older. She’s 7 and 3 months mashaAllah. Lol – I don’t know if I’m normal sometimes. Waiyaki and Ameen to your duas.

      p.s. We actually haven’t gone back to normal but have settled for semi structured. 😉 x

  4. As salaamu alaykum,

    JazakIllah Khairin for your well wishes. We received R’s mail a couple of weeks ago and M was really surprised, MashaAllah.

    I just purchased War Horse but we haven’t started it yet.

    I think you are making perfect sense. I often wonder if I am ready to “retire” from blogging altogether but I know that this is usually a sign for me to take a break and focus on myself for a while. Whatever you decide, it’s your decision but I am sure that your audience would miss you 🙂

    • Walaikum assalam,

      How are you? Aww am so glad M received her letter – she was wondering if she did. She always loves receiving mail from Canada – there is so much excitement when she sees the Canadian Stamp. xx

  5. Bismillah
    Slam alaykum waRahmatullah waBarakatu
    Trust me, you are benefiting mashallah tabarakallah. I understand the feeling to keep it private but please, if you dont mind, please keep open so someone like me who’s still confused about homeschooling and still looking for ways to teach my growing children can garner the benefit of your wisdom from experience and trial and errors inshallah.
    May Allah shower His blessings upon you and your family and make this blog one of your sadaqah jariyah inshallah taala.

    • Walaikum assalam,

      Wow mashaAllah – so nice to hear from you! How are you and children? Are you in DZ? Ameen to your lovely duas. Kisses to the children. x

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