In the car


Sometimes, we spend a lot of time in the car – going to and back from activities. Just thought I’d share some of the learning that takes place in our car when out and about. If you have any add, please do leave a comment as we often make hour long journeys during our week:

  • Audio Books – and lots of them. Our local library stocks loads and so we listen to a lot of audio books. Our favourite so far has been Lamb in the Laundry (Animal Ark Series).
  • Quick Mental Math. I ask R an addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and she has to tell me the answer before I count to five. Its a lot of fun.
  • Old favourite: I spy (Z has started to join in with this too now).
  • Counting 1 to 10 in English and Arabic with the boys. Baby Y has been counting to 10 in both languages for the past 5 months now mashaAllah.
  • Quran murajaah – listening to surahs she has already memorised and working on new hifdh
  • Reading, reading and more reading
  • Islamic discussions – mainly related to character especially if we are going to be guests somewhere
  • Having a sing along to some nasheeds
  • Discussing ideas of new projects

Any suggestions?


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  1. We have been listening to The prophets stories by Imam Anwar Al awlaki. Excellent resource although i have to re explain things to the children.

    What I find with the prophets stories is that it encompasses all aspects of our faith eg, true taqwa of Allah swt, how to make dua to our Creator, how to give dawah, patience, ideal characterisitcs a Believer should possess, the list is endless. inshaAllah, will definitely repeat the series so that its engrained in the kiddies.

  2. SubhanAllah, we were listening to these in the summer in the car. You’ve just reminded me to listen to them again with R. Jzk sis!

  3. Assalamu ‘alaykum dear sis,
    Mashallah you have covered most things. Only other activities we do is memorisation of 99 names of Allah, discussing with kids and testing them. For younger ones testing them to see if they know their shapes and colours.
    Umm Idris x

  4. Assalaamu’alaykum

    Weve been learning about using the sun, shadows and stars to work out NESW. So to consolidate this knowledge by using them practically, we test those skills ‘look at the sun now, where do you think east is? So which direction are the shadows falling? Which direction are we driving? Where will the sun be at asr…..’ Weve also been studying the diff types of clouds, so we test those skills too. ‘What are those clouds called? Do you think they hold rain? how high are they? which direction is the wind blowing them/coming from?’

    I suppose I could also have one of my readalouds done on an audio in the car ONLY so that they have something to look forward to when they dont all feel like coming out shopping.

  5. Salaam,
    With younger ones we have done variations on i spy, with colours or phonic sounds instead of letters. We have done this while walking along too. Doesn’t have to be in the car! Also works on the bus.

    • Ws, that is a good idea – I’ve never done variations of I spy. Will try it out with the boys. You’re right – most of it can be done whilst walking but we prefer to observe nature and discuss that instead whilst walking. x

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