Winter day refletions


Before I talk about home ed, just thought I’d clarify something. Jzk to all the sisters for their kind concerns offline but honestly I am fine alhamdulillah. I think there was a bit of confusion with my ‘Up and Down’ post. When I mentioned ‘Up and Down’ I was referring to my blog (ie it being open one minute and closed the next). Alhamdulillah, I am well, enjoying the home ed journey, struggling to be the best Mum I can be (including the many times I fall and fail) 🙂

Winter Days – we definitely spend more time at home but I really do make a conscious effort to take the kids out to our local common to get some much needed exercise and fresh air. R and Z love going down the hill on their scooters – it is a sight to see!

Home Ed is just carrying on as usual. Those of you who have been following the blog will know that when R was very young (too young lol) we were very structured (perhaps that is an understatement) and then we tried unschooling completely and now alhamdulillah we have settled in to what I feel is great for our family – right smack bang in the middle and as most ‘veteran’ home edders said – you end up taking the middle path and become semi structured. I know some of you are probably smiling saying ‘Told you so!’ And I’m smiling right back at you – yup you were right!  Actually reminds me of my journey over the past almost 13 years – came into Islam through a political party, left that and then went to the other extreme where everything was haram (the amount of clothes, books and CDs I threw away – and now regret. Everyone was on bidah and I thought I knew it all and could make takfir on everyone (may Allah forgive me) and then alhamdulillah I feel that the last 8 years has been the middle way and I ask Allah to keep me on the siraatul mustaqeem. Ameen.

I like the semi structured method because it allows the children to learn naturally but also teaches them about structure just as our deen is structured by the five daily prayers etc.

I am also trying to follow the saying of Ali (RA) to let them play until 7, discipline and teach them for 7 years after that and then befriend them. R turned 7 a couple of months ago and I’m trying to focus on reminding her of the prayer times. It isn’t compulsory on her to pray until she is 10 (assuming she doesn’t start her menses before that) but I would like her to get into the habit of realising there are five times each day when everything else needs to stop. Later on, I’ll begin to correct her sujood, ruku, sitting positions etc.

SubhanAllah the wisdom is there in the age of 7 as it really is a turning point in a child. You can see why a parent is told to teach their child to pray at this age and not before. Our Islamic Studies has been completely unstructured – it has mostly been based on discussion, what she sees me do but really based on conversation. But I’d like to begin to do a little structured learning for Islamic Studies now and so have a few ideas which hopefully I can share later.

She’s still Horse mad and I’m constantly finding her reading or making something about horses. I wonder when this phase will end. How they grow so fast – seems only yesterday that she was learning to blend letter sounds..



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  1. Asalaamu alaikum sis,

    Its so funny you have written this post today because I have sat at the computer to semi “plan” a week of work for the kids this week (after I’ve checked my emails blah blah! lol)- something I haven’t done in a long time as we have been dabbling on spontanious learning for a while and going with the flow…however realised that as you say, a semi structured approach is probably the best inshallah!

    Alhamdulillah, indeed all thanks and Praise is to Allah! JazakAllah khayr for sharing your thoughts and updates.

    Asalaamu alaikum
    umm Khadeeja

  2. Assalamualaykum sis,

    I always has tears in my eyes when reading about how people open up, admit where they go wrong and take the experience and change and move on. Subhana Allah…nothing better than that. To sit and ponder, realise and change and take step forward for a change, strong observation, will Insya Allah bring success. We all need to look back, take one step forward, moved one step back and go forward two step. This Insya Allah will help us to sustain and maintain. Iman is not something that will stay high or on certain level all the time. Balance approach also been told by the Prophet saw. This Insya Allah will help us to reach the goal and help us to run the house and our family in for a better. Your experience will be much beneficial and hope others will benefit as well. Sometimes we don’t have to go through what other s had been, if we willing to take others experience, as experience is something that already happen either ours or others.

    Insya Allah may Allah cherish you with more experience that you can share with others.

    • Umm Seif – it truly is an honour to have you comment on my blog mashaAllah! I am forever reflecting and analysing everything lol – sometimes not good and sometimes good (I hope!) Yes, I completely agree with you – often it is better to learn from other people’s experiences so that we don’t make the same mistakes but human beings are such that they don’t listen (such as in my case) and need to taste the bitter medicine first before they learn! Ameen to your duas sis! x

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