Home Ed isn’t something separate from life. It is a part of life. These last few weeks have been very busy – I have been extremely busy with various things I do. One of my closest friends got married. And then, my little brother got married on Friday mashaAllah. It was a really joyous day for us – to see him do the nikah in our local masjid wearing a thobe when he wasn’t even Muslim a few months ago. SubhanAllah, how Merciful Allah is.  So it has pretty much been running around doing lots of ‘life’ things! During that time, the kids have played a lot. R still does her daily murajaah and hifdh. Maths a few times a week. Arabic 2-3 times a week. I read to her a few times a week and she normally has her nose in a novel or non-fiction book. Aside from that, not much else. Z is obsessed with lego and the entire living room floor is kind of covered completely in hundreds of lego pieces. I don’t bother tidying up. I wait after a good 3-4 hours and then once he’s completely done – then we all tidy up together.

Z had his first swimming lesson last week. He did pretty well for his first lesson – mashaAllah he was so excited to be doing something just for him. R also started swimming lessons but was in the wrong group. They put her in a group that was too difficult for her and so she cried throughout most of the lesson as the children were way advanced. I thought something was wrong when the lesson started but I didn’t want to go in there and pull her out in front of everyone. She perservered bless her – and still attempted to do what the others were doing through her tears. After the lesson, spoke to the Manager and quickly corrected their mistake!

For English this week, R wrote a poem about winter and then drew a picture to go with it mashaAllah

Winter Poem

It reads:

‘On a winter’s day there’s frost
And all the grass is lost
Throwing snowballs in a fight
On every frosty night
Red cold grumpy faces
Fingers that shiver and quiver in cold places
Evergreen trees
With all their leaves
White fluffy snow
Spread like a carpet below’
I’ve noticed that Z is a very hands on type of learner – I’m hoping to start a few things with him. I feel the need to restructure our days a bit and so will do a bit of planning tonight inshaAllah. Baby Y is very much like his sister was at that age – he is speaking a lot – loves to look at his books and points to all the animals he knows and repeats their names, loves counting up to 10 in Arabic and English and then surprised us by counting backwards from 5 to 1 the other day. He loves animals like R and often I find them curled up on the sofa looking through the Animals Encyclopedia. My dear beloved Z is very different and prefers his own company. They are all different but all special in their unique ways.

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