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We have been using the Hungarian MEP Math program for 2 years and I really like it. You can see the way they are trying to make the students think scientifically about how to answer the questions. Very good set up.

Last year, R completed year 1 with only a few lessons remaining. I had a look at the website and they have online tests for the children to take. Today, I asked her to do her year 1 test. At the beginning of the test, it clearly states that the child has 40 minutes to do the test. R completed it in about 5 minutes. When she told me she was done, I said are you sure? I thought she had missed a couple of pages out. She said yes. I scrolled down only to find 7 questions!

I mean, come on – do they really expect a year 1 child to take 40 minutes to answer 7 test questions?? Okay, so she’s a little older now and is doing Year 2 Math but I’m sure she would have answered all the questions in the same amount of time last year. Looking at the questions, I was a bit disappointed as surely that can’t show how well a child is progressing in Math. It really does show how pointless some tests are.

We clicked on the report and she got 20/20 mashaAllah but again doesn’t really prove anything. Maybe I’ll get her to sit the year 2 test early just to see if it is any different.

Love the MEP program but quite disappointed about the tests! Mmm..


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum sister
    Masha Allaah, nice to hear. But I understand what you mean. I thought they would have challenging tests like some of the problems on the MEP book. Any way I did not know they had tests as well. Just checked it out. Jazzakillaah Khayr. We have finished reception year and going on with Year 1 now.

  2. Aslamalikum sis, Jazak Allahu Kharyan for yet again another very beneficial post! I checked out the MEP website n surprised that i have never come across this gem of a website! So thanks 4 writing this post. What do you do for English? If you know of any good websites that have good English resources that will be great also if you could do a post on that. Once more excellent job and keep up the good work.
    Shazia. (homeschooling my 5 yeard old)

    • Wa iyaki. For English, we use a mixture of resources. Mainly Letts Activity books – they don’t print the ones we use anymore. We also use Focus on Collins Year 3 at the moment.

  3. subhanAllah I didnt know MEP had tests either. Will check out inshaAllah, though like you said i am not big fan of tests but still curious lol. Alhamdulillah, I like the concepts taught within MEP books. But we do some additional math based activities with math manipulatives using the ideas from the book.
    My 5 year old currently doing Year 1 and her 3 year old sister doing Reception. 5 year old finds year 1 too easy and 3 year old finds reception a bit challenging. But, alhamdulillah they like the books.

  4. Walaikum salam sisters, it is very interesting that I came to London all the way from Hungary – just to find out that the Hungarian way of teaching is excellent! Not that I am surprised:) I can see how Hungarian children come here and even with basic English skills and they are years ahead in Maths and Sciences. Even Sue Palmer (author of Toxic Childhood) praises the Hungarian system. There is great emphasis on Maths at school. Just as I see my children getting English homeworks weekly and VERY rarely on any other subject, back home it is Math, Math, Math. Lots of logical thinking. And to answer Umm Rashid they are far from disapproving over-testing. In fact we do so many tests – randomly on any school day, than more serious tests at the end of a topic, term. So children are used to it, tests are nothing but practice exercises, and as every parent know when the stake is higher, kids do better, concentrate better.

    An other important difference is that all children have their own study books. So every child can revise at their own pace and time, and as many times as they wish. I can see how my boys get so excited when they get one. Sometimes as most of us are not qualified teachers, we may even know the topic but just can`t explain THE WAY it`d suit THAT child. I find study books a great help as it can teach the child effectively. I`ll try to find if they have some Hungarian study books in English.

    Do you know about any other study books? I recently found cgp books, (

    I am sorry about this long post Umm Raiyaan, I hope you and your children are well. Keep up the good job.

    Have your read `Toxic Childhood` and `21st Century Boys`? Maybe you can review it and share it with other sisters, if you like it.

    May Allah bless you.

    • Sister Kenza – is that the Kenza I know from East London?? If it is, wow – long time sis – its been years subhanaAllah. Yes, completely agree with you – they def push logical thinking which I think they test children for if they want to enter private grammar schools.

      Toxic Childhood – yup took it out of the library a few weeks ago – hit the nail on the head. Haven’t read 21st Century boys – will try to get that inshaAllah.

      Jzk for stopping over 🙂

  5. Salaam

    I Love your Blog, What is the MEP book for reception. Would you be able to post a link I am not sure where to find it. My daughter is supposed to be starting and I am not sure what it is so would like to read up on it and prefer.

  6. Salams

    I really love your blog and I visit it often sis. May Allah reward you a lot.
    We are also using MEP for our kids Masha allah it makes the children to think scientifically.

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