First important conversations!


Who remembers R and her question about toilets in jannah? If you do remember it, then you are a veteran ummihomeschoolsme reader lol!

About a month ago, my Zuzu began to understand that Allah is the Creator, our Lord, the One we worship. He had heard Allah’s name but didn’t link it to who Allah is.  MashAllah, since we started to really talk to him about Allah – he doesn’t stop looking ‘up’ – talking about Allah making the trees, us, the birds. He says ‘Sorry’ to Allah and thanks to Allah.

Today, he asked me where Allah lives. I told him Allah is above the seven heavens. He said, ‘No, he lives in a house.’ I corrected him and he defiantly said, ‘But Ummi, the Kaaba is the House of Allah’. I said, yes it is called that but He doesn’t live there. He was somewhat confused but finally accepted that Allah azza wa jaal is not like us.

Then tonight over dinner, I don’t know how we got on to the topic but we began to speak about death! Zuzu was very upset that people have to die and said ‘But if Allah made us and we die, why can’t He just make us again’. R jumped in and said Allah does so on the Day of Judgment. But Zuzu was really very upset. The discussion then led on to jannah and jahannam.

Those of you who have been reading the blog know how much my Zuzu loves firemen and fire engines. So when we mentioned jahannam and fire he was off on one! I think he must have asked me 20 questions in 2 minutes! Some of them were:

Why do people go to jahannam? Why are people bad? Why don’t people pray? So, if we don’t pray do we go to jahannam? What will the fire do to us? Where is the fire? Where is jahannam? I answered his questions as best as I could to his level of understanding.

I tried to focus on jannah and he was quite happy with hearing that you could have anything you want. He has decided he wants a huge Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story) and a tiny Buzz Lightyear (!)

Then he drifted back to the topic of fire and was quite adamant that (audhu billah) jahannam is in our home because there is fire in our kitchen (cooking hob). By that point R was in stitches and I was trying to tell her not to laugh as he was dead serious.

In the end, he said that he wants to be lovely to Allah, to Ummi and to Abi so that he can go to jannah. He advised us all that it is very important to listen to Allah but he has a problem. He very seriously said, ‘But Ummi, I want to listen to Allah but I can’t hear him (at this point he cupped his ear and strained very seriously to try and ‘hear’). R was almost crying and just couldn’t stop laughing. I looked at my nearly four year old son and just felt so much love for this innocent bundle of fitrah subhanAllah and told him that we ‘hear’ Allah through the words in the Quran.

At that, he smiled and said ‘After I finish eating, I want to read the Quran.’ He took my English/Arabic Quran sat on the Sofa said Bismillah and pretended to read. He was so serious!

After that, he said ‘Ummi, I want to read like R does.’ I replied, ‘Zuzu, don’t worry, we’ll start teaching you now!’ MashaAllah, love that boy!


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  1. MashaAllah tabarakAllah! I think if I was there I would have been in stitches with R! Soooo sweet and innocent may Allah preserve all of our children and make them steadfast muslims pleasing to Allah Ameen.

  2. So sweet, masha’Allah. Such a special conversation…couldn’t have been easy to answer those questions! SubhanAllah…. hope I’ll manage to answer my little one’s questions when he starts asking me, insha’Allah.
    But, that’s one thing truly beautiful about being a Muslim – we do, in fact, have the answers to life’s questions. It’s just finding the right words to explain or to remember the answers. May Allah protect you & the family and guide you to continue to be the best mum you can be. Ameen! xxx

  3. Assalamu alaykum,

    This is really cute mashaAllah! It is a conversation to remember 🙂

    Asking questions leads to really fruitful for everyone conversations. My daughter asked me yesterday what happens with the baby girls who were buried alive and in general if someone dies as an infant. She asked if they go the Jannah since they did not do any deeds to be judged.

    My son does ask me quite some questions which answers I don’t know but I always try to check for him. He once asked me if it is possible to see Allah in a dream because he dreamed Allah and wants to know if he can believe that he indeed saw HIm.

    The fun starts when they learn more than the parents know and ask questions about what they have learned and one has to answer that they don’t really know. My daughter knows the seerah better than me so she asks me questions and I tell her to let me study more first for me to find out what she is talking about. We have the same issue with science. She talks of things I don’t know so I just listen. But she now enjoys that she tells me things which are new to me.

    I do read but I read about issues I want to know about.

    It is amazing how they grow and you think that this one was “yesterday” a baby and now is a little thinker who enquires and tries to understand the worlds. MashaAllah.

  4. As salaamu alaykum, such a beautiful conversation maashaaAllaah. It must be a day for children to question their mothers. Today my 9 year old son said “I know we come from Allaah but how does the eel (he once asked what sperm was after reading it in a pregnancy book and I said it was like a tadpole and now he got confused lol) get from abu to you, does it jump from abu’s mouth to yours and you have a baby?” Hmmmm i think i would prefer the jahannam questions!!! :-O

  5. lolzzz i remember when i was young i used to wonder this too. i was told when the mother is sleeping Allah just puts the baby there in the night, i was contnt until i found out babys r in the tummies, then i wondered how it wud come out, cudnt think of a bigger exit than the mouth lol

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