MEP and National Curriculum


I rarely rarely look at the National Curriculum as we are sooo not school at home. But it is interesting to see what her peers are doing at school. One of the reasons why I home ed is because I feel that the current education system including the National Curriculum is failing children academically and places them all in the same box.

As I’ve been looking more at the MEP Math program we are using as well as reading a comment left by a Hungarian sisters (jzk!) on my last post about the MEP, I decided to have a look at the standards site only to find that it has been archived due to the new Coalition government. Another reason to home ed – the education system seems to change with each new government.

Had a look at the Dfes website for Math and looked at what R would be learning right now for Math. I must say, I was really surprised how advanced year 2 MEP is relation to what the National Curriculum expects from a Year 2 student. She has done all of the NC Keystage 1 Math already in the MEP program and quite a huge chunk of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. I have heard that the MEP program is way advanced and children find themselves doing work that they would maybe do in 2-3 years time. But it seriously is a fantastic Math program.

So, its given me a boost of confidence that she is okay alhamdulillah. I have received some criticism from non Home Edders and even some home edders for a) not following the national curriculum and b) for using a Hungarian curriculum instead of a British or even American one. But looking at how the MEP helps the child understand Math rather than rolling off facts on their tongue really shows the reality of the current British education system. It kind of reflects the whole system – it is creating parrots rather than those who understand, think and then act!


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  1. Asalaamu alaikum sis,

    Alhamdulillah your little one is progressing well mashAllah!

    Sis, when you are following the MEP, do use the lesson plan to introduce new concepts, and also do you do extra work for each concept as practice or just follow the workbook?

    I ask because I was using MEP yr 1 for my eldest, however switched to collins because my 5 year old really seemed to hate MEP! But I’m not sure if it was really MEP she disliked or actually, the fact that I wasn’t teaching it that well.

    I totataly agree with you and think the MEP teaches kids the science of maths which is why although we stoped using it, I still have it there in the cupboard and can’t seem to let go!

    JazakAllah khayr sis

  2. Assalamu alaykum,

    Yes MEP is good. This is how I was taught math at school and it is indeed effective. I once watched a British broadcast ot Channel 4 I think about the disaster of Math in the British schools.

    They tested the teachers on the knowledge they are supposed to teach the primary students and almost all of them failed the test. The students didn’t know math because the teachers didn’t know either! Imagine that!

    The Hungarian curiculum will be follow in the schools here from what I hear. I think it is good that at least they recognise the problem and seek solution by adopting a curiculum of other countries where they are okay with their teaching of math.

    To be honest the standards here seem to me very low in general. Literacy, Math and general knowledge are so lacking in students. My friend who is from the same origin as me told me her daughter in school learns nothing really. Sadly living here makes me forget the much higher standards in everything I was raised with.

    I miss my country.

  3. Assalamu alaykum sisters,
    jazakumllahu khayran for the info. How can I find the book for the MEP or could you send a link to their website.

  4. ASAK sister, I was unhappy with the progress my son was making in numeracy in Reception. He is a bright boy, MashAllah, & was learning nothing new. Thanks to your posts on MEP- I started him on the curriculum at home & he is learning more-when I was looking Allah put me in your way- thank you so much 🙂

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