Another Ummihomeschoolsme Day


Monday 2nd February 2012

  • Breakfast
  • Changed Y’s nappy
  • Watched debate on youtube between Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad and three non Muslim speakers from the Netherlands
  • My own work
  • This week, we’re taking a break from hifdh – so I’m testing R on every surah she has memorised.
  • Boys played whilst I was testing R. Z kept bothering Y, so he ended up sitting right next to me as R couldn’t concentrate and I couldn’t either!
  • R went over some minor mistakes she made in another room
  • Whilst R was doing that, Z and Y coloured the ‘a’ jolly phonics page, did the ‘A’ on starfall, then an ‘a’ apple craft involving colouring, cutting and glueing
  • Tested R on the mistakes she made.
  • I did some more of my work
  • Boys watched Andy (he discovers animals) on Cbeebies
  • R – we did Math together then I left her to do some independent work
  • Whilst R was doing that, I read a few books to the boys
  • Took a phone call
  • Marked R’s maths
  • Z then started on Reading Eggs (I’m going to write a post on this – fab site!)
  • Y did a Montessori activity – using tweezers to transfer pom pom balls to an ice cube tray
  • R helped me tidy up all the toys
  • R did some spelling pages
  • Free watch for the boys / R was free to do what she wanted – she chose to make some patterns with her cuisinnaire rods and then colours the pattern into her Math book
  • I left everyone to it and finally past midday got aroung to the breakfast dishes, emptied all the bins and hoovered downstairs
  • Lunch
  • Dressed everyone (yes we do Home Ed in our Pyjamas 🙂 )
  • Dhur
  • Left for R’s pottery class – boys fell asleep in the car – so I used that one hour to respond to some emails and read a book I took with me
  • Picked up hubby on the way back home
  • Asr
  • Snack
  • R then started on Reading Eggspress (its the same as Reading Eggs but has a special program for 7-13 year olds – she is hooked – plays live players around the world, can buy things with her reading eggs for her avatar)
  • Z threw a nasty tantrum
  • Cooked
  • Boys – playing and fighting!
  • Folded dried clothes / filled machine
  • Phone call
  • Dinner
  • R to kickboxing class
  • Boys – play
  • I tried to finalise some details for the Jewellery workshop I’m organising for South London home edders
  • Collapsed on the sofa for a few minutes rest
  • Sent a couple of emails
  • Rest of the evening from this point onwards is waiting for R to come back, all of them to sleep
  • Preparing home ed for tomorrow, some work I need to catch up on, and then ME – TIME! Well, whatever time I get as I normally crash out completely after that!

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  1. Assalaamu alaykum

    Mashallah you seem to accomplish a lot in one day and it seems to stem from the fact that you wake up early? What time do you and your kids wake up and go to sleep? And what time do you start ‘school’? I hope you don’t mind me asking, it is just that I have a four year old I have just started homeschooling, and he sleeps for a about 11 hours at night. How many hours does R sleep? I haven’t really sorted out my routine (also have a baby) – any advise on scheduling/timetable would be much appreciated!

    p.s I love your blog – i have got so much inspiration from it – may Allah reward you for your efforts and sharing what you do with us all. I am feeling quite overwhelmed to be honest, and I don’t know if I will be able to fulfil my dream of homeschooling..

  2. I was waiting to read whn ur going to write ur taking a rest and found it reassuring to know u did eventually collapse, my main problem is lack of energy s’Allah and the brain to organise school equipments around the house.

  3. mashallah, my kids love reading eggs too, i have not taken subscription yet as we have quite few days left on trial. but i cant get them off it at times lol.
    my son discovered andy and the animals too on cbeebies and my lil one and him enjoy it alot.
    i dont plan much , i take each day as it comes as im only homeschooling the one, my daughter is doing a fairtrade lapbook so we can incorporate geography/literacy, mathematics etc into it.
    love reading ur blog and getting ideas and inspiration..jazakallah

  4. SubhanaAllaah!

    Alhamdulilaah, after a long, tedious day, u get to have your “me time” even if it means just crashing on the couch.

    May Allaah bless all UMMIS, aameen!

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