I saw this on a group recently and liked it especially the bit about ‘prayerfully’ doing it…


Eliminate sell, throw away or give away curriculum you are not using and do not like.
For all curriculum purchases ask: Is this curriculum functional, userfriendly/able to be used again by my other students, and Godly? Can I find it used or check it out from the library? Does it require a lot of hands-on time and do I have that much time to put into it?Is there a quicker, easier, more efficient way to teach this?Does my child really appreciate all the bells and whistles or are they a distraction?For many subjects, I have favorite curriculums that I choose. Avoid spending a lot of time going around and looking at other curriculum once you have prayerfully made your decisions. If you keep cluttering your mind with what could have been, or other options, your time management will suffer. Make a prayerful decision and stick with it.

I will say there has been one occasion where I purchased curriculum that sounded really good and two units into it decided we hated it. I dropped it like a hot potato and did not waste a year on it. That was my first year home schooling and I was still very uncertain about my own home teaching style. If this happens to you, cut your losses. Sell it or give it away. But if you continually make poor choices and are switching streams half way, realize you will frustrate yourself and waste a lot of time and money. I will also eliminate trivial and unimportant things from my children’s curriculum as I see fit.


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