Trent Park Equestrian Centre


I had never heard of Groupon til a sister emailed me a link saying that R would love it. Groupon is basically a company that offers members (membership is free) HEAVILY discounted tickets for things ranging from haircuts to meals out to day experiences.

The link she sent me was a half day experience at Trent Park Equestrian Centre which included stable management, horse riding for an hour, lectures. I jumped at it and booked it for R. I kept it a secret and she only knew when we drove through the Park gates and saw the horse logo! Her face was priceless. All along the journey she kept asking me where we were going. I replied that I had an appointment and she didn’t think otherwise and kept reading her horse novel in the car. (If anyone has any children who are horse mad – R has just finished the second novel in these series and has said apart from War Horse, its the best Horse books she’s ever read. Here is the link:

It was a lovely day and she literally had the groupon experience all to herself. I made sure I didn’t book it during the half term.

Here are some pictures of the day:

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Some of the highlights of the day were:

  • She was able to pick her own horse to ride
  • There was a male pony whose mother died and so they put him in between some females as the males kept bullying him. Was a highlight as R has a thing for orphaned horses!
  • R was able to tack up her own horse. The lady was quite surprised how much she knew about horses.
  • She groomed a pony using lots of different brushes and cleaned out his hooves. When she was cleaning out his back hoof – he passed wind right in her face!
  • She rode for one hour – did a figure of 8 on the horse, did an around the world (I think you can see it on the pictures where she has to turn on her bottom around the horse without any help)
  • She visited lots of different breeds including one who won Best Horse at the Horse Show in 2010
  • At the end of the day, she was given a huge piece of chocolate cake and a hot chocolate drink in front of a horse jumping training session
  • And a lovely pink Rosette to take home

I’ve seen this groupon offer pop up on Groupon quite a few times since I booked it. Oh and if you do end up going, ask for Lucy from Manchester as she was absolutely brilliant with R!

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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah it seems like a lovely day!

    If r is interested in orphan horses, Redwing Horse Sanctuary offer adoption horses per year. You can even visit them if you are nearby.

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