Book Sale for Syria 1


Assalamu alaikum,

I’m sure you all know whats happening in Syria at the moment. A dear sister I know is a part of the organisers of the Aid Convoy to Syria (

I am selling the books below and 100% of the proceeds will go to Syria inshaAllah. The Convoy is leaving on 11th March inshaAllah so you will need to be quick.

All books are sold in bundles and not individually. First come first serve basis! No returns accepted. Remember – your children may enjoy/benefit from some of the books and you get reward for helping your brothers and sisters in Syria (remember to correct your intention!) Apologies for the pics that where you need to turn your heads lol! Was in a rush!



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  1. assalamu alaikum sister

    i would like to buy the zahra collection and the encycopedia if they are still available please. how can we arrange payment and postage?

  2. I would like the books in the last 2 pictures. I’ve emailed you. May Allah accept it from you and from us -amin

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