More funny moments with Z


This is so I don’t forget – Z seems to be on a roll at the moment!

1. Z: Ummi, are you Muslim?

Me: Yes.

Z: I’m a Muslim.

Me: Yes you are mashaAllah

Z: Is Allah Muslim?

Me: Smiling at his complete innocent ignorance!


2. Z: Ummi, if Allah puts us in the fire…

Me (cutting him short): Allah, won’t put you in the fire inshaAllah. Allah loves you.

Z: Yes, but if Allah did put us in the fire – are there ambulances in jahannam to take us out?

Me: (trying to contain my laughter)


3. Z is obsessed with letter ‘s’ and the sound that it makes. He spots ‘s’ everywhere – on the road, the back of cars, posters, billboards, books, on the computer – everywhere!

So, today at dinner – he kept getting off of his chair.

Me: (shouting for the fifth time – quite angry by now): Z, sit down!

Z: Sssss is for Sit in Sit down

Me: anger completely gone and laughing!

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