Another Milestone for Zuzu


Z will turn four next week inshaAllah. Definitely slower in learning than R and completely different learning style to his sister.

I struggle with Z – his personality is so ‘testing’ and unless someone has a child like that, they just don’t know how draining it can be subhanaAllah. But I carry on and hope that my choice in home edding him is a right choice.

MashaAllah, Z memorised his first surah yesterday and we rewarded him with a new toy. It might not seem like much of a milestone but for Z memorising surah fatihah properly took a lot of effort on his part (and mine in being patient with him!) So different to R who had memorised so much by his age mashaAllah. But as they say, you never know.

Z was over the moon when he received his gift that he had wanted for some time and is eager to move on to the next surah. At this age, I’m not too concerned about why they are doing it – they are too young to have a concept of why they should be doing it. R’s age is a little different.  With R, we did the whole ‘gift’ thing when she was memorising surahs and it really worked. Yesterday, she jokingly complained that she no longer receives ‘gifts’ after each surah and why she has to complete a juz before she gets anything!

So another milestone for Z – 4 years old – subhnaAllah – time is just passing by so quickly…


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  1. Asalamualikum wa rahmatullah
    MashAllah a great milestone!
    But I hope you don’t mind sister that it saddens me that you use ‘slower’ to describe Z. Alhamdulillah everyone is different. In my case my ‘slow’ child has so much more creativity and outside of the box thinking than my good learner that listens to everything I say. I think that for our Ummah to become strong we need muslims strong in all different areas not just memorisation skills and acedemic excellence. Skills like leadership, energy, drive and creativity are not learned from books but from your posts it seems that Z has all of these qualities inshAllah. I think one of the benefits of homeschoolign is that we can embrace our children as they are and not compare them to standards. Alhamdulillah though your post has helped me at a time when I am questioning if homeschooloing is for everyone and it motivates me to read your post where you continue even when its difficult.

  2. Alhamdulillah, I have no problem in using ‘slower’ for my son. In fact, me acknowledging and accepting that he is ‘slower’ has helped me to judge him less (I admit I still sometimes do) in comparison to his sister. And sister, just because I say he is slow academically does not mean he doesn’t have other qualities or that I don’t praise him for such. I guess its difficult to see the ‘full picture’ from a few blog posts from someone we only know in cyber world 😉

  3. Mubarak on your Zuzu’s achievement. May Allah make it easy and grant your children to become excellent hufaadh Ameen. My 4yr old daughter is extremely playful and has a short concentration span. I teach her a few words let her run about the call her to repeat the words. I have only completed surah Ikhlaas with her and today we’re starting with surah falaq insh. All the best

  4. Salam I can completely understand what you are trying to say about z here…my son is pretty much the same as yours….a difficult kid but with a set mind on what to do…what I have found is that the less I push him the more he does new things

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