Home Ed Reflections


Is it because they are going away that I am reflecting? I’ve been thinking a lot about why we have chosen home education for our family. I’m reflecting about our style of home ed, about the different characters of my children, what I hope they will achieve academically, physically, emotionally but most of all spiritually.

I was honoured to have attended a wonderful talk by a Sheikh about a month ago. In it he said this (paraphrasing):

Often parents worry so much about their children’s future – what degree they will have, how much money they will have, what type of abode they will live in, who they will marry etc. But the real parent that really loves their child only worries about what position they will be in in Jannah – what level of Jannah will be there eternal home.”

SubhanaAllah, hearing this touched me in such a deep way. I wondered about the choices I make, about how much importance I place on their relationship with Allah, their relationship with His Book, their knowing Him, loving Him and striving for His Sake.

All of this has led us to decide to make some serious changes to our home ed when the children return from their trip inshaAllah. This Sheikh’s wise words made me realise that we do place so much focus on academics and material achievements when really even our children will be buried 6ft deep one day – all of them having to answer the three questions of the angels, all of them standing alone on the Day of Judgment, all of them passing over the siraat as sharp as a sword and as fine a hair, all of them wondering whether their books will be given to them in their right or left hands.

SubhanAllah, it has changed my outlook somewhat on home ed and I ask Allah that He blesses us in the changes we are about to make for our children (what an amanah – responsibility and trust children are)…


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  1. I have been reduced to tears by your insight. I am new to home schooling and being so certain about it yet so uncertain about how effective it will be. As a mother I only dream for the ultimate best for my children, that one day they will be good characters of this umah and they will acquire knowledge, that as a child I never had the opportunity to gain about my deen. Now we are learning together and the happiness and joy I feel inside, the satisfaction I feel from home schooling my daughter it phenomenal

  2. Can’t wait to hear about how you will change your home-ed style per your say? Please share in details. I wish to start homeschooling but don’t dare yet. So, I’d like to hear how a day goes by in a Muslim homeschooler’s house. My situation is harder though because my children are grown in their 7th and 5th grade already and they’ve been in school all their lives. Change is hard and must be tough. I have no courage but I do know I want my children (and me too) to be in Jannah, inshaAllah.

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