Time to think…


Yup, got loads of it at the moment.

This week has been a bit of a **daze**. I feel like I’ve just been floating. Y has been a bit out of place too. Too quiet here. I’ve tried to go out everyday with Y. We’ve been to the park, went to a playgroup yesterday which he loved and Thursday attended our home ed group. It was funny, just as I was about to leave, I looked around for R and Z and the sister that was with me laughed!

Saw them on Skype yesterday and my Zuzu looked at me and burst out crying saying he wants to go home. About 20 minutes later, he ran off to go and play with cousins so I think it was just seeing me. They’ve been in the city of Algiers for a week and early this morning left for the Berber mountains. She’s looking forward to the mountain climbing and all the animals and spring flowers.

Its a holiday for her so I didn’t set her any work to take with her except a thorough Quran timetable so that she doesn’t come back having forgotten all of her Quran. I also set her some reading for the next surah she needs to memorise. We also bought a couple of disposable cameras and a notebook. She’s journalling about her experience and taking photos along the way which she’ll put in her journal.

Am feeling a little better today and have a few invites to attend so will be nice to see sisters I haven’t seen for some time inshaAllah. Also, got a clear out to do, home ed prep, project work and some other stuff.

So, going to try and get everything on my to do list done inshaAllah.

I’m also re looking into Montessori again and have been enjoying a Montessori blog by a qualified Montessori teacher – she’s Muslim and runs her own school. Very interesting stuff – jzk Umm A!

I’m going to post some pics of stuff we got up to before they left soon and then talk about the changes we are going to implement in our home ed for R – exciting but nervous – more about that later inshaAllah. 🙂


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  1. Salaam alaykum sis, im actually doing a montessori diploma in Maadi Cairo, would love to know this sister too, where is her school?

    • Ws, her school is based in East London, UK. Will post her blog link in a new post inshaAllah so everyone can benefit. x

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