Wow – didn’t realise how sending my 2 children away with their father for a few weeks would cause a stir with some sisters! But to be quite frank, there are bigger things to worry about in the world!

I have found out who the ‘anonymous’ sister is who posted the original comment as I simply clicked on the IP number you get when you receive comments and it was identical to a comment a sister made in her real name and email address. So mystery solved lol!

Anyway, moving on as it really was getting a bit silly – my kids are fine alhamdulillah. I spoke to them both today and they’ve been digging up insects, visiting family (must link this to Islamic Studies for R when she comes back about the importance of keeping ties of kinship), surrounded by animals. I sent R with 6 novels thinking that it might be too much. She said she’s onto her fourth one already (they’ve only been gone a week!) so am slightly concerned my little bookworm will run out of books to read.

Z spoke to Y on the phone today and couldn’t stop laughing as Y babbled away. Z was then very quick to tell me about the different sweets he has been receiving from family members!

So, all in all looks like they are having a great time mashaAllah- its me who is feeling it especially at night 😦

Been reading up a lot on Montessori and really feel its the way to go with the boys inshaAllah. I do feel boys learn differently to girls and so I’m going to try it out properly and see how it goes. The Montessori method really is very interesting especially for Ages 2-6.

Just trying to see if I can create a Montessori space at home but can’t seem to find a good place for the activities. Trip to Ikea I think is in order…

Jzk to all my lovely sisters for their kind comments. May Allah help us all on the journey of motherhood and Home ed – not an easy one. We’ll all make mistakes. What I’ve learnt though is that instead of being so quick to judge and criticize other Mothers we should really be focussing on whats going on in our own homes and how we can improve as mothers and home edders. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.


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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum Dear sis,

    Please let us know your views on The Well Trained Mind I’m curious to know what you think? Also Montessori is the way to go with boys I think, have been reading about it myself as my son who is almost 3 is very different to his sister! He is very hands on and enjoys ‘problem solving’ activities. A book I would highly recommend is Basic Montessori by David Gettman.

    InshAllah see if you can pick up a second hand copy 😉
    Please keep us all posted on your Montessori Journey.

    Fi AmanAllah

  2. As salaam alaikum,

    May Allah allow us to stay focused on educating our own families. May He permit us to cooperate with one another for His sake alone. Ameen.

  3. As salaam alaikum sister

    inshallah you and your family are well. I’m one of the silent reader that follows your blog don’t really write much but I think your great and good example of how a mother should be so the people that write negative stuff about you are just trying to bring you down. Inshallah keep doing what you do take care salaam

  4. assalam u alaykum sister,
    I pray you are well inshaAllah. sister you mentioned you have been reading a Muslim sisters mintessori blog, can you please direct me to it? I’m doing a Montessori diploma and would love to read more on besides syllabus books.
    Jazakillahu khayr, may Allah set bless you and reward you for whatever you are doing.

  5. Assalaamu alaikum sister, I came across your blog and was wondering if you could offer some advice. My son is 17 months and intend to start homeschooling him until he is 3 then send him to an Islamic Learning centre inshaaAllah, my son is quite interested in reading so we read to him as well as trying to teach him how to count & the alphabet in English/arabic. Is there anymore I can do with him at this stage? I’ve looked around for learning books in whsmith & waterstones but nothing is available for his age range. I look forward to your reply inshaaAllah x

    • My advice would be at that age to just play play play! Far too young to be start anything formal. Read a lot to him, take him out to farms, parks etc. Play games.

  6. Assalaamu alaikum, sorry to comment again but I wanted to know if the home Ed group you attend is open to other children or is it a closed group?

      • Where is the group based Sis? I’m struggling to find good sisters who have children of a similar age who I can meet with. My son is currently the only child ( I’m expecting a 2nd inshaaAllah) I notice he gets bored when he doesn’t have much interaction with other children. Me & my husband take him to parks and do other activies with him but he still needs child play, I have tried taking him to a childrens centre but as it’s non Muslims who run it or attend they don’t understand if I don’t want him involved with music or other activities.

      • I have signed up to the forum but can’t post anything until it’s approved

  7. mashAllah finished nearly 4 novels in just one week? That is very quick subhanAllah. what novels do you guys choose for her age? If you have posted somewhere about books you can direct me to that post inshaAllah

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