The next 3 months..


Only a few days to go til they’re back inshaAllah. I dreamt about them last night – missing them so much. I don’t know how I’ve got through this past 4 weeks subhanaAllah. Can’t wait to have them home. I’m sure Y is going to have a blast. He’s been so lonely without them.

No formal home ed next week for us. I’m just going to enjoy my kids for a week inshaAllah 🙂 It means no formal work for 5 weeks (except Quran for R whilst she has been in DZ).

I have been planning the next 3 months of home ed though. We’ll be working solidly from beg of May to end of July and a break in August. I can’t believe another home ed year is almost over – very scary. R would be going into Year 3 in September if she were in school.

It seems like only yesterday that I was teaching her phonics!

I’ve been doing a bit of a clearout and rearranging some stuff. I am a firm believer that anything that isn’t really on display doesn’t get used. Our Arts n Crafts stuff were in two black boxes. I bought a trofast system (10 drawer one) from Ikea. So all of our paints, arts n crafts are now accessible. I would have never done this years ago due to the ‘mess’ but seriously we are home educators and need to accept that our houses are not and should not be museums. Our home is our kids learning space.

I have also created 3 empty shelves for the boys montessori trays. Am not going completely montessori – I think we lean more towards the eclectic method of home ed – a bit of this and a bit of that which changes as my children grow.

Over the next 3 months, my goal with R is to complete the juz she is on and to consolidate all the juzz she has memorised and to really perfect it ready for our change in her hifdh program from August (more on that later). I’d like her to complete MEP Year 2, do quite a bit of work in English and carry on with Arabic which is a combination of Madinah books, lots of writing and grammar,  dictation, reading, and an online program that helps with the missing ‘speaking and listening’ element. I will blog about this program next inshaAllah. If we can slot in a few topics in between that then alhamdulillah. If not, I’m not fussed as Geo, Science etc is pretty much repeated at higher levels as the child progresses through primary age.

With Z, lots of Montessori and more work on phonics and recognition of numbers and arts n crafts.

With Y, lots of Montessori and since I sorted out the puzzles box – he’s been addicted to puzzles.

That should keep me quite busy!


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  1. salam alaikum sis, i have a 4 yr old son too Alhamdulilah. could you write something about what to do in montessori or where to get more beneficial ideas from plz thank u jzk Allahkhair

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    The time has just flown in, subhanAllah!

    Please post about the arabic you are doing, I’m going to have to look into something serious when I go back inshaAllah.

    • Walaikum assalam, Lol just realised I said the next post I’m going to write is about the Arabic – oops! Tomorrow inshaAllah. x

  3. As salaam alaikum,

    Maashaa Allah, you are brave, sis. I still am not able to give them free access to the arts/crafts materials. Their rug is stained now from blue acrylic paint 😦 We will have to replace it. I get too nervous with the choke hazards too. We have had a number of scares over here. May Allah make it easy on us all. Ameen.

    • Lol! Choke hazards – I think my kids are past that now til the next one inshaAllah if Allah blesses me. My kids know they can have free access but there are ‘certain’ places they are only allowed to do the crafts! 😉

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