They’re back (and two additions to our family!)


They arrived on Sunday 22nd in the afternoon and there were hugs galore in the airport with lots of kisses from R and Z for Y. It was amazing to see how much they missed their little brother. I was very happy to see them all and they were full of smiles and lots of energy mashaAllah.

When I saw Z, I noticed some swelling on his head but didn’t think anything of it as he was full of insect bites (normal when arriving from a mountainous region). We drove home and they told me about their adventures and the car was just full of noise. I forgot how loud 3 children can be. Unfortunately, within a few hours I had to take Z to the hospital as his swelling had increased so much on one side of his face that he looked like he had two heads with the swelling feeling very hot. The hospital had no idea what it was and were going to send me home until I told them what a sister doctor who was mashaAllah in the area at the time told me – perhaps an allergic reaction. So they were quick to suddenly diagnose him and gave me piriton. The following day it was worse and in and out until I decided to just wait it out. He slept a lot and then was fully himself with the swelling finally reduced to normal late last week.Allah knows best what it was but alhamdulillah. Unfortunately, shortly after that – more sickness – with Y catching hand, foot n mouth disease (similar to chicken pox but only on hands, feet and in the mouth). Z then got it and got it very bad in his mouth miskeen. But alhamdulillah healing now.

The kids have been showing me pictures – R decided to keep a video diary of her adventures. There were videos of their trekking up the mountains with Z looking absolutely shattered! Along each trek, they searched for different species and found frogs, different insects – some poisonous (hubby knows which ones not to touch), owls, birds of prey,they heard wolves howling at night and as the area where my in laws live on the mountains has no street lights – the sky at night is an amazing array of stars and shooting stars. An abandoned sea was full of crab, hedgehogs of the sea, octopus, sea snails. They were on the hunt for scorpions and it was Z who found one with hubby literally just stopping him in time before he picked it up (phew!). R’s many hours of reading her encyclopedia helped as she narrated on the video that it was sleeping as it stops its own heartbeat due to the cold. They were spoilt by family and loved being with uncles and aunties and lots of cousins – a luxury they don’t have in the UK which sometimes makes me feel sad.

They had an amazing time mashaAllah but are happy to now be home. Last week was tending to the kids illness whilst being ill myself. A pretty testing week but alhamdulillah. We had a full week’s break from home ed but started back yesterday with our schedule. My focus for R is Quran, English, Math and Arabic with some topic work here and then. Z – phonics, quran and number recognition (!)

As for the two new additions to our family.

1. Who remembers our pet tortoise that died a couple of years ago? We have a tiny replacement who is just soooo cute mashaAllah. They’ve named him Susu. Here he is:

He's tiny and currently only about 4cm long

2. Wasn’t going to blog about this just yet but then I thought why not. I know most women don’t say anything til they’re about 4 months pregnant incase something happens. But the way I see it, is if I miscarry then it was qadrAllah. Such is life and such is death. So, second addition is I’m expecting alhamdulillah. A slight ‘worry’ everytime I’m pregnant is how many are baking in there as I have twins on both sides! I’ll be finding out soon – but I know if it is twins Allah knows I can deal with it. I’ve pretty much spent the entire time they were away being very very sick, had last 2 days of relief and just this afternoon its started up again. So, am somewhat struggling with that but alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. The family is growing mashaAllah – I just hope I’ll be able to home ed four children when they get to that stage.  Please remember me in your duas!


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  1. MashaAllah congratulations on your pregnancy! May Allah bless you with an easy pregnancy and may all the hardship of it wipe out your sins. Nice to hear your family is complete again and that they have had a good time!

  2. Mabruk! Pray all goes well for you sister, glad your children are back safe and well Masha Allah sounds like they had a really full on adventure, nothing a classroom could ever imitate so I pray that you continue to home educate all your precious children Ameen.

  3. congrats, may Allah aza wa jal make it easy for you. i had been wondering about your “blog silence” !

  4. MashaAllah, alf alf mabrook dear sis! Also it is nice to hear they’re home and happy and how much fun they had mashaAllah. All the best to you and your family inshaAllah.

  5. Mashallah mubrook! May allah give you an easy pregnancy and delivery ameen.

    Wow! Mashallah the kids have had so much fun and have been learning soooo much at the same time. Actually wouldnt really mind being in their shoes lol. These will be the memories they will inshallah remember when they grow up. Just going to another country in itself is an adventure nevermind all the bonus stuff your children managed to do with loved ones. May Allah protect them ameen.


  6. Salaam, maashAllah, congratulations on your pregnancy! I have read that women with genes from the Yoruba ethnic group are the ones most likely to have twins, but twins on the mother’s side is the strongest factor. Wonder where this places you statistically 😉 May Allah give you an easy pregnancy and healthy baby, ameen.

  7. Salaam – mashallah and many congratulations. So happy for you!! Really love your blog – so inspiring x

  8. masha’Allaah very happy to hear of ur good news! I have been wondering too like the other sister about ur blog. It seems like R and Z had such a good time and the memories of it will insha’Allaah remain with them for a very long time. I guess it was also a great opportunity for kids to spend time with family they see so little of and learn so much of a different culture and environment. I hope to see u soon insha’Allaah x

  9. salaam sis – masha’allah what a wonderful,educational adventure your children were blessed with. and many congratulations – i’ll look forward to reading about twins insha’

  10. Mash Allah sister so happy to hear your family got back safely and had a great time. A big congratulations on your pregnancy May Allah give an easy pregnancy and healthy baby Inshallah.

  11. Assalam o Alikum wr sis,
    Ma sha Allah lahawla wala kuwata, i could feel the life in ur post. alhumdulillah the kids ar back home. May Allah SWT bless you with an easy pregnancy and with a pious and righteous child. ameen
    do give my Salam and love to the kids. i’ll be waiting to see some footage of R’s video diary. in sha Allah.
    wa Salam
    Umm Bilal

  12. Mabrook sis, you’re in my duas, masha’allah the children had such a wonderful time, they are very fortunate to have had such an experience alhamdulilah. Ws

  13. MashAllah TabarakAllah, may Allah make pregnancy easy for you and grant you durriya saliha and keep you and your family straight, ameen. SubhanAllah, great tests there with illnesses straight after the return, but alhamdulilah you’re all now recovered. InshAllah you will be able to homeschool 4 children, you know it inside out now and your doing so well mashAllah, admire you so much, may Allah preserve you, ameeen.
    Just wish I could do it myself, now with my son in reception, and I’m starting to hear words I just don’t want to hear, starting to think twice.
    Your in my duaas dear sister

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