REVIEW: Studio Arabiya!


This review is soooo long overdue subhanaAllah. Jzk to all those sisters I mentioned it to briefly and who patiently waited for me to post this post.

Those of you who have been reading the blog will know that a huge part of R’s formal studying is Arabic. Alhamdulillah, by Allah’s grace she is fluent in spoken Arabic mashaAllah. She speaks Derja (Algerian dialect – with typical Algerian body language an’ all lol) and fusha Arabic. She can read and understand and also writes.

She does Arabic with her father twice a week and is currently working through the Madinah Arabic books – currently working through the second book. In these lessons with her father, she does A LOT of writing, grammar, spelling, and dictation. After he’s gone through a grammar lesson with her, he sets her a lot of work and sometimes it takes up pretty much the whole day not to R’s liking but she has to do it! This is something that I feel is compulsory for her and no unschooling element to it allowed!

In addition to this, we started her on the Studio Arabiya trial a few months ago. It was a 2 week trial but I felt that it was so good that I decided to pay the monthly fee.

Her teacher is in Egypt and they do their lessons via Skype using some other software where R can view the book they are going through. For me, the main reasons why I like Studio Arabiya are:

1. R loves her teacher, Sister Reem, who I feel is just great mashaAllah. I hope Studio Arabiya give her a rise in her pay as she really is fantastic mashaAllah.

2. The entire lesson is in Arabic with no English at all (I assume they have different options for those who are just starting out with the Arabic language).

3. For me, the ABSOLUTE plus side is that for 30 mins 5 days a week, R gets to practice speaking. Her written and reading skills she can practice in her lessons with her father. She does speak to her father in Arabic as he has forbidden her to speak to him in English but I wanted her to speak as much as possible with others. In these lessons, she hears and speaks Arabic with her teacher whilst learning reading skills, grammar and vocabulary for 30 mins each day.

I asked one of the Directors about the fees and free trial for others and this is what she said:

Our basic price is $79 per month for the standard, which includes 10 hours of one-on-one time with the teacher.  If a student wants the intensive (20 hours per month) or to take both Arabic and Qur’an, the monthly tuition is $139.  We offer a family discount of 10% off for families of 2 or more students.  Everyone that signs up automatically gets the first week free.  This way they can try out the classes risk-free to see how it works.


We did try the Quran tuition at Studio Arabiya but R didn’t like it and I didn’t think it was worth it as her father is a Quran teacher. But for those that are looking for that, then they provide that option too. Although, my husband says that Quran needs to be taught in the more traditional way with a teacher face to face. Each to their own opinion I guess.

I would thoroughly recommend the Arabic program at Studio Arabiya. I’ve seen a huge difference in R’s confidence in speaking to someone else other than relatives in Arabic and the staff really take the parent’s opinons and choice into consideration. Ie. some of the work was too easy for R so I asked them to push her which is just what the teacher did mashaAllah. Very professional mashaAllah and definitely a thumbs up from me.

Check it out:

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  1. Salaam,
    In your view does it offer a complete curriculum, or mainly speaking and listening skills? R gets her written/grammar work with her father, but what about a student who did not have that – would Studio Arabiya be sufficient?

    • Ws, yes it goes through a main textbook and I forgot to mention that R does do reading and writing in the lessons too. Studio Arabiya for students who don’t do anything extra I think would be sufficient.

  2. Assalamu alaykum warahmatu ALLAH , I assume that u r not an arab ukhti ??? im asking because i found it difficult communicating with my daughter in arabic as im the only person who speaks arabic at home 😦 i realllly dont know what, to do how to start ?? my husband used to tell me just speak arabic to her,, but its just too late as when i speak arabic to her she dont understand me, and to be honest whilst shes not behaving herself i just want to tell her to behave using the language that she understand(english). i think living with my inlaws is making the arabic talkin just a dream as they all speak english to her :,(((( subhanaALLAH this is making me really emotionaly as i want my daughter to be able to read quran speak to my family back home :,(( please sister any tips would be very helpful ,,,, when did u start to speak and teach arabic to R ?? my daughter she nearly 3 years old !!jazaki ALLAHu khayran >

    • Ws, no I am not an Arab and hardly speak any Arabic at all. The only tips I can suggest is continuing to speak to her in Arabic. My middle child is 4 and has only just started speaking in Arabic. He would understand but always respond in English. He has just clocked on that he speaks in English to me and Arabic to his father. Keep it up – they’ll get there insha’Allah.

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  4. Assalaamu alaykum! We use Studio Arabiya also and love it. My son has learned so much more quran since the last online arabic class (with another online program) he did and his pronunciation is improving, mashaa shaa Allaah. Thanks for the review, it is nice to see you using it with R as well. Makes me feel better about adding arabic to his sessions.

  5. mashaAllah I cant explain how happy I am to hear that your daughter can speak Arabic fluently mashaAllah!! Mothers like you are incredible! MashaAllah. I have heard about SA before aswell but after reading your post I couldnt resist myself and hurried to their website and signed up myself. I had my first class last night Alhamdulillah. Really excited with the possibilty of being able to speak in.Arabic one day inshaAllah!

    • May Allah make the learning of Arabic easy for you. Ameen. I’ve kind of given up on myself right now. But one day insha’Allah…

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